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Activity 1

Explain at least 2 purposes of performance management and its relationship to business objectives.

The performance management process is a key component of an organisation overall approach to the management of its people. As part of the performance management system, performance management aims to achieve the following:

* To enable an individual to know exactly what is expected of them i.e. agreed objectives and appropriate behaviors. * To enable an individual to identify and meet personal development needs. * To enable the organisation to audit the capabilities of its staff.

The purpose of performance management is to ensure
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do you get support from your line manager? are you happy with your pay? etc and this is sent off to an external organisation to collate the results, records of any external or environmental factors impacting performance. Many reviews also include an employee self-evaluation. Other documents that help define performance objectives include: past performance appraisals, current departmental and organizational objectives and documented standards related to career goals.

In order to gather feedback from other employees, organizations will use 360 feedback process which involves a self assessment, then selected peers, subordinates and managers are asked to contribute feedback around specific pre- identified areas these are then compared to the employees self-assessment. This type of feedback increases self-awareness.

Explain the frequency, purpose and process of performance review.

In most organizations they will have their own process and this can vary in organisations but most will have a probationary period, appraisals and one 2 one meetings. For example they are able to monitor in 6 months the employee suitability for the role, their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, this then gives a good starting point to set goals and targets which can then be monitored at 1 to 1 meetings an then an annual

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