Essay on 21st Learning

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21st Century Teaching and Learning: The Freedom in Teaching by: Hayati bt Zakaria @ Ariffin

After I met with some English teachers when attending the new literature syllabus, I feel I was left far behind. These passionate and ablaze teachers regardless many years of teaching, still jovial and show enthusiasm teaching and adapting the new set of classroom teaching skills using some sort of standards drawn for their beloved students for them to actively engaging in any classroom activities. I was listening and admiring the personalities of each speakers as they were presenting the slides and never fail to inspire and motivate me with the latest approach on how to win students’ ‘faith’ in literature. It was astounding.
After the Higher
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The BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) approach can be adopted, so that students can bring their laptops or tablets to the classroom for better personalized learning. Teaching with technological material is more effective, stimulates student engagement, eases the work of teachers and makes it easy for students to focus on learning), students understand and follow the rules and procedures, mutual respect, student take responsibility of their learning, performance-based-assessments, and collaborative learning. has listed conducive classroom that should be implemented in schools; tables and chair design (group formed consists of 4 to 5 students of diverse abilities to conduct collaborative group activities), classroom rules, basic facilities, ventilation and lighting, objectives corner on whiteboard, LCD projector, computer, smart board, students’ work board (creative corner), the parking lot, students’ activity space, and reading corner. also lists out some of the activities that could be done when teaching in classroom; activity in round table, think-pair-share, the hot seat, singing and poetry, individual or group presentation, role-play, gallery-walk, three stray-one stray, i-THINK map, problem-solving, simulation, field research, and experiments. Through hands-on-activities, students should incorporate more

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