Essay about 2014 Dodge Challenger : A Retro Themed Touring Car

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The 2014 Dodge Challenger feels like a retro-themed touring car in V6 appearance, but choose on The 2014 Dodge Challenger doesn 't just recall the muscle cars of the past, it relives that past with every scan of its shape, with every twist of the key. It 's a strong repeating of the original challengers that 's more accurate.
However, with that retro-perfect sheet metal put aside, the Challenger is also a big, comfortable touring two door. It has a supple ride and modern options that make it a great long distance rider, though the low gas mileage could make those trips a little pricier than expected.
Its slightly larger size pays dividends inside, where the Challenger is the only one of the muscle coupes to offer seating for five. Technically, access to the back seat involves some scowl, and you 'll only have two adults try sitting back there, but it 's doable. In front, nice supportive seats and plenty of headroom, and at 16 cubic feet, the trunk is larger than those of some sedan models.
The interior design and materials of the challenger is awesome and the severe feel of the interior can make some of the options, like the pistol-grip shifter, seem out of place, but if nothing else, it 's all very functional.
The Challenger is one big bruiser, with heft better suited to cruising or drag-racing at the strip than turning laps on a race track. Powertrains include the standard 305 hp, 3.6 liter V6 and an eight speed auto; a 5.7-liter hemi V8 makes 375 hp when paired with the…

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