1831: Year of Eclipse Essay example

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1831: Year of Eclipse

Certain years stick out to Americans about how our nation got to where we are today. When hearing the year 1776 you automatically think of the Declaration of Independence and how we became no longer apart of the British Empire. When you hear the year 1861, you get reminded about Abraham Lincoln becoming the sixteenth president of the United States and the start of the Civil War. There are so many more important years that stick out in American history. Those types of events are what Americans remember and live for. America is so beautiful for the story it has behind it and the names who have created it. But what most people look past and forget is that happened in the year 1831. It’s hard to put major historical
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Slave owners would usually have more slaves on their property than they could handle if a revolt was to start, so you can see why fear was created. Because of this, the paper was no longer available in the South. If the slaves wanted, they could rally up together like Nat Turner did and create much havoc. In Chapter 3, Religion and Politics come into play. An important topic about this chapter was the growth of Religion. Finney was a religious writer and preacher and wanted religion to be apart of more peoples lives. He taught that everyone, including men and women could be saved by inviting God into their lives. He would eventually go on to promote social reforms based on his religious views. While Finney was off creating messages about religion, A man by the name Andrew Jackson was all going on about politics. Andrew Jackson signed an indian removal act which basically pushed all the indians out of land. This upset the indians and soon enough they didn’t even have rights in their own land. In chapter four, it talks about Andrew Jackson and his achievements. He was A lawyer, slaveowner, general, and eventually the seventeenth president of the United States. Jackson had many important achievements in his life. When Jackson had his bank veto, he set off fierce controversy. People were holding meetings and thought this veto was dangerous. Since the veto, the government had to do business with selected state banks instead (The

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