Manifest Destiny Research Papers

Manifest Destiny was a sequence of events that occurred prior to 1877 and positively impacted the progression of the New World. It included very important aspects of today’s America civilization, and embellishments that will forever be known as the foundation. Many forefathers and individuals that played important roles took action prior to 1877 and helped mold America into the country that it is today. Adjustments made regarding Native Americans, slaves, politics and other such things helped develop a baseline and initiated the expansion of the New World. These circumstances made it all possible and now leave us with a substantial amount of history relative to America and its unique development. Manifest Destiny is in direct relation to the United States and it defines the methods that which we continue to live by. The purpose of this paper is to articulate the events that influenced the beginning stages and advancement of America, otherwise known as Manifest Destiny. When one evaluates present day America, there are many different things seen that significantly reflect its history. Things such as boarders, many different styles of flags, cultures and religion, just to name a few, were influenced by America’s history. Each of these …show more content…
Northerners had the idea and hopes of having relations with both Canada and Hawaii. The rapid progress of territorial expansion and Manifest Destiny is what gave individuals such ideas. There was a religious mentality already in place in the belief of the expansion being God ordained, and that alone was of great influence to the citizens of North America. As progress became more apparent, the ideas of greater expansion became more realistic and paved the way for present day America. Territorial expansion produced American nationalism and the American vision of social excellence and offered a sense of

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