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The Manifest Destiny
The manifest destiny was the belief that Americans thought it was a God-given right to expand our continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. During the 1800s, many Americans began to settle in the western frontier which most of it was uncharted territory. Through several readings I will be able to define the manifest destiny and how it was accomplished.
The main concepts of the manifest destiny were that it was God-given right that the people of the United States had expand territory from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. This concept of manifest destiny had existed throughout the American history but, it was until 1845 that editor John O’ Sullivan gave the name to the movement Manifest Destiny. There were 3
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Mexico was forced to give up their territories, including California and Texas. This help achieved the Manifest Destiny by capturing the what it was known the southwest United States and Texas. The United States were able to expand the westward and the continent consisted of 16 free state and 15 slave states. The implementing of the policy Manifest Destiny became very successful because the belief of expanding the westward did actually happen. This policy was implemented in the 1800s and the claiming of Texas, Oregon, and California proved the effectiveness.
I believe that the United States achieved the Manifest Destiny politically because Americans were able to expand the westward as of the belief of the God-given right. The belief made them to acquire Texas, Oregon, and California. I don’t think the U.S. achieved the Manifest Destiny morally and ethically because their purpose to acquire westward land killed many people, for example the Mexican-American War, battle of San Jacinto, and several other battles.
To conclude with, the belief of manifest destiny was achieved successfully because of acquiring of land from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. It was not a very easy task for the Americans to acquired land because of several wars they confronted. But, with several men they were able to get the westward land and

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