Corps Of Discovery Essay

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Post Expedition After the Corps of Discovery returned home, Lewis returned to Jefferson having completed most of what he set out to do. The Rocky Mountains had disproven the existence of the Northwest Passage. Fortunately, the group had completed their other objectives. The men brought home a plethora of recently discovered plant samples and animal sketches. These samples would prove invaluable in further research. The Corps was also able to accurately chart the lands they visited. They returned with many maps that would later aid in further exploration and the eventual settling of these lands. One of the most important goals of the Corps of Discovery had been to establish contact with Native American tribes. The group had done so with the …show more content…
The expedition had ignited the desire for United States citizens to expand westward. Soon after information regarding the Corps of Discovery spread, the American ideal of “Manifest Destiny” was not far behind. While the notion of expansion served to inspire many Americans to move west, the impact of the expedition had a much different impact on other countries of the world. In a peer-reviewed journal focusing on the British Empire’s interpretation of the Corps of Discovery’s accomplishments,
Peter Corney was among the first of His Britannic Majesty’s subjects to glimpse the full measure of the expedition’s impact. In 1821, the little known Nor ’Wester observed prophetically: “By the journey of Captains Lewis and Clark across the Rocky mountains to the Pacific ocean the whole of that western region is now laid open.” But recognition of such geopolitical realities came too late to forestall the onslaught of American settlement that effectively sealed the fate of Britain’s claims to the American Northwest.
While the recent land acquisition from France proved immensely beneficial to the United States, Britain eventually realized that the American desire for expansion would put their coveted lands in
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Unlike many of the figures now populating United States currency, Lewis was not an aristocrat or of high birth. He merely possessed the intellect and determination to reach high places in society. His exploits while leading the Corps of Discovery further add to his claim. The mapping of the Louisiana Territory along with the new species discovered provided many settlers with an idea of what they would experience when setting out West. Most importantly, the expedition secured the new lands of the United States. By exploring these territories, they established and American presence through the construction of forts and establishing a good relationship with local Native America tribes. Above all, Meriwether Lewis was an exceptional leader and highly regarded by the men under

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