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12 Angry Men
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12 Angry Men

Mid Term

PROC 5840

Directed by: Sidney Lumet

Writing credits: Reginald Rose (story and screenplay)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents2


Major Case Issues4

Juror #85

Juror #49

Juror #312



1957 ActorJuror #Character DescriptionOrder of 'not guilty' vote Martin Balsam1/The ForemanThe jury foreman, somewhat preoccupied with his duties; proves to be accommodating to others. An assistant high school football coach9th

John Fiedler2A meek and unpretentious bank clerk who is at first domineered by others but finds his voice as the discussion goes on.5th

Lee J. Cobb3A businessman and
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However you decide your verdict must be unanimous.” (Rose, 1957) This is important to know because there is talk throughout the movie that if this jury is hung, he would be most certainly found guilty by another jury.

The rest of the movie deals with issues such as motive. Did the boy really want to kill his father? With a history of abuse at the hand of his father, it would seem only logical that resentment is built in the mind of the boy. Combined with the testimony of the neighbor and that he claims to have seen the boy run down the stairs, the majority of the jurors felt that was enough for motive and opportunity. Another issue dealt with the climate at the time the movie was made. There are issues of race, poverty, and bias against people in that socio-economic group. I also feel as though there are some underlying issues that the director and writer wanted to portray. You have the issue dealing with father/son relationships. This is a major theme that plays throughout the whole movie and is a major catalyst in the decision of one of the jurors. Another issue deals with group dynamics and peer pressure. A person is most likely to conform to the group to feel accepted. However, there are times when a person is able to not feel that pressure and turn things around. This is called minority influence. “Minority influence is most likely when people can make a clear and consistent case for their

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