Juror Number 8 In Reginald Rose's Twelve Angry Men

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Juror Number Eight
In Reginald Rose’s Twelve Angry Men, Juror Number Eight brings his own unique perspective to the drama. His participation leads to the jury making its final decision. Juror Number Eight is a strong and compassionate man. He stands for what he believes in even if that means that he is standing alone. Through being kind, being open, and thoughtful conversation, Juror Number Eight helps to shape the final resolution in a difficult murder case. Juror Number Eight appears to be an intelligent man who seeks justice and the truth. He is dressed nicely and is well put together. He shows compassion and respect. In the first vote taken by the jury, the result is eleven votes guilty with one vote not guilty. This one vote comes
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The result of this vote is six in favor of guilty with six in favor of not guilty. Later in the scene one juror brings up how the stab wound on the victim does not make any sense when taking into consideration the height difference. Juror Three objects, calling for a volunteer to demonstrate how the crime would have been committed. Juror Eight volunteers, and while demonstrating the crime comes within an inch of actually being stabbed (105). With Juror Eight’s backing, Juror Five brings up that any experienced knife fighter wouldn’t handle a switchblade in the way that it was handled during the murder. Another vote is now taken, resulting in nine votes in favor of not guilty with three in favor of guilty. The next case proven wrong comes from the woman across the el tracks. She says she saw the murder happen but would not have been wearing her glasses at the time so she must have simply seen a blur. Juror Eight says, “Now maybe she honestly thought she saw the boy kill his father. I say that she only saw a blur.” (107). This results in two more votes changing for the favor of not guilty. The only guilty vote left is Juror Number Three- the person with whom Eight has debated for most of the play. Through what could almost be considered bullying, Juror Three unhappily agrees on a not guilty verdict and the case ends

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