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The philosophy of loss control is...
to minimize damage and provide customer service through effective mitigation and recover efforts before, during, and after an incident. `
page 587
operating procedures associated with fire fighting that aid in reducing primary (fire) and secondary (suppression) damage.
page 587
searching for & extinguishing hidden or remaining fires.
page 587
What common item from the kitchen can be use to salvage furniture which will ruin from water damage on a wet floor?
canned goods
page 589
Synthetic covers are...
lightweight, easy to handle, economical, require less maintenance, and practical for indoors and outdoors use.
page 590
is made from a salvage cover as a sort of ramp to control the flow of water.
page 595
is made from a salvage cover to catch water or debris.
page 595
What should always be available during overhaul?
A charged hoseline (at least one attack line)
page 596
Hidden fires can be sense by what four things?
electronic sensors
page 597
Hidden fire indicators:
sight & touch
-Discoloration of materials
-Peeling paint
-Smoke emission from cracks
-Cracked plaster
-Rippled wallpaper
-Burned areas

Touch-Feel walls and floors for heat with the back of the hand
page 597
Hidden fire indicators:
sound & electronic sensors
-Popping or cracking of fire burning
-Hissing of steam

Electronic Sensors
-Thermal signature detection
-Infrared signature detection
page 597
When pulling ceiling the firefighter should stand where?
Not standing under the place that is being pulled, but between the area being pulled and the doorway.
page 598