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The cause of fires is a combination of three factors:
1) Fuel that ignited

2) Form and source of heat ignition

3) Act or omiddion that helped bring these two factors together
Page 621
Obsevations en route
*Time of day-appropriate for fire cause, appropriate for what residents are dress?

*Weather and natural hazards-an exsample of this would that it would be unusual for windows to be wide open in the winter or arsonist may start fires during natural hazards as fire fighters response time is longer

*Man-made barrieres-any attempt to slow fire fighters down such as fallen trees, stall vehicles, etc.

*People leaving the scene-people are usually intrigued by a fire, watch for people leaving and remember to get a description.
Page 623
Observations upon arrvial
*Time of arrival and extent of fire

*Wind direction and velocity may have a great effect on the natural path of the fire.

*Doors or windows locked or unlocked or signs of force entry not cause by fire fighters.

*Location of fire

*Containers or cans

*Familiar faces
Page 624-625
Observations during and after fire fighting
*Unusual odors
*Abnormal behavior of fire when water is applyed-caused from presence of flammable liquids or electricity.
*Obstacles hindering fire fighting
*Incediary devices-devices used to start fires.
*Structural alterations
*Fire patterns
*Heat intensity
*Fire detectors or protection systems/intrusion alarms diabled
*Lack of house hold items or personal belongings
Page 625-627
Who interviews arson suspect?
Trained investigators not firefighters.
Page 627
A sufficient reply to any question concerning cause is...
"The fire is under investigation."
Page 627
Scene control from fire department (are in some counties police) must be kept until
fire invetigator arrives and finishes ivestigation
Page 628
For further visits to the scene what must be obtain?
search warrant or written consent
Page 628
If the investigators allows anyone outside of fire operations to enter the scene two things must be done, what are they?
They must escorted and a log kept of the persons name, time of entry, time of depature, & description of any items person took from scene.
Page 628
US Supreme court case
Michigan vs. Tyler states
"once in a fire scene [to extinguish a fire], firefighters may seize [without a warrant] evidence of arson that is in plain view...[and] officials need no warrant to remain in a building for a reasonable time to investigate the cause of the blaze after it has been extinguished."
The Court agreed, with modification, with the Michigan State Supreme Court's statement that "[if] there has been a fire, the blaze extinguishment and the firefighters have left the premise, a warrant is required to re-enter and search the premise, unless there is consent..."
Page 628-629