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Fire safety surveys involve...
those activities that have been planned or legislated to ensure that citizens have a safe physical environment to live, etc.
page 656
NFPA 1031
Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector
page 656
Fire inspections
should be conducted by a trained professional to communicate unsafe conditions to the building occupants and owners.
page 656
fire hazard
is a condition that encourages a fire to start or increase the extent or severity of a fire.
page 656
Control of which two hazards associated with is more practical?
fuel supply and heat source, should be kept separate
page 657
Fuel Hazards
-ordinary combustibles such as wood, cloth and paper
-Flammable and combustible gases
-Chemicals such as nitrates, oxides, or chlorates
-Dust such as grain, wood, metal or coal
-Metals such as magnesium, sodium, or potassium
page 657
Heat source hazard
>Chemical heat energy-resulting from improper stored chemicals
>Electrical heat energy-resulting from poorly maintained electrical equip. or lighting
>Mechanical heat energy-cause by moving parts on machines
>Nuclear heat-created by fission however not common
page 657
Personal fire hazards
Common hazards caused by the unsafe acts of individuals.
page 658
Special fire hazards
Hazards that arises as a result of the processes or operations of the individual occupancy. That occupancies own particular hazards.
page 658
Target hazard
A facility in which there is a great potential likelihood of life or property loss from fire.
page 659
When areas are restricted due to confidentiality we should suggest...
covering the items to permit the survey to continue.
page 663-664
plot plan
a basis floor plan sketch
page 664
elevation sketch
floor by floor sketch of building. The building without the exterior wall.
page 665-666
Home surveys are for...
fire prevention activity and not a code enforcement activity. There to make the occupancy safe not point out code violations.
page 667
Residential inspections are
page 667
Keep home surveys:
page 669
Steps in Presentation
1) Prepare the audience to learn

2) Transfer facts and ideas to the audience

3) Participation in the info they have been taught
page 671