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  • Tobacco Advertising Essay

    Tobacco smoking is big business in India. Through tobacco advertising, citizens of all ages are attracted to smoking tobacco. The advertising is very dynamic and impacting on those exposed to it. As a result, it became an obsession and hence an addiction even before the viewers willingly consented to first sample and then fully commit to enjoying the taste of the products. The viewers of the advertisements knew full well that the addiction to smoking tobacco based products has serious health…

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  • Tobacco Advertising Should Be Banned

    of banning of Tobacco advertising in India has proven more complex than it looks, and has sparked debate in the country with many arguments for and against being debated. In this essay we will summarize the arguments for and against, address the question of conflict of interest, and conclude with a personal recommendation for tobacco advertising policy. One of the objectives of banning tobacco advertising by the Government of India, was to discourage adolescents from consuming tobacco products,…

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  • Ban On Tobacco Advertising Should Be Banned

    BAN ON TOBACCO ADS BY THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA The scientific community is in agreement that the use of tobacco products has many negative health consequences to direct users of the products as well as for those who have to inhale the poisonous second hand smoke. Governments have not been dealing with the conflict of interest that arises when they try to ban the advertisements of products that are legal and on the other hand, they benefit from the taxes associated from the sale of those products…

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  • Why Should Tobacco Advertising Be Banned

    Tobacco has been proven to be a carcinogen, which is a cancer causing agent. Decades ago governments were burdened with the task of deciding how and what to do about this very profitable and taxable business. If there were not financial gains by governments to be had from the manufacture and sale of this product, there would have been no problem deciding to shut the few expansive companies down the world over. Unfortunately, this became a conflict of interest when governments had to decide over…

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  • Tobacco Advertising Pros And Cons

    study analysis the Government of India (GOI) and their involvement in the potential ban on tobacco companies and the way they advertise will be reviewed. The main question: Is a ban on tobacco advertising ethical? We will review the pros, the cons, the potential Conflict of Interest (COI) GOI may face, and I will provide my opinion through my analysis on what should happen in regards to tobacco advertising. Governments are present to serve the people. They are supposed to protect from harm, and…

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  • Anti-Tobacco Advertising Effectiveness

    The Effectiveness of Anti-Tobacco Advertising on Adolescents A number of studies claim that the majority of frequent smokers experienced their first cigarette by or before the age of 18. It is also true that if one has not decided to smoke tobacco by age 18, it is very likely that the individual never will. But how would one manage to progressively influence a generation of adolescents consumed with modern technology? The answer lies within the question. Anti-tobacco advertisements are…

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  • Ban On Tobacco Advertising By The Government Of India Case Study

    This essay analyzes the “Ban on Tobacco advertising by the Government of India. The key aspects discussed in the article by IBS Center for Management Research, (2001) and retrieved from, discusses the point of views of those for, and against the ban. The argument of the “ayes” is that the proposed legislations is not uncommon in the democratic world and is in keeping with decisions that have been taken internationally by…

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  • The Negative Consequences Of Tobacco Advertising

    Tobacco companies continuously seek ways to advertise their products to a variety of audiences, especially the youth. In the ninth inning, with two outs, Bryson swung his smooth, glossy bat and slammed the pearl-white baseball far beyond the outfield. Viewers gazed as the ball gracefully floated through the calm, marmalade sky towards the towering Marlboro billboard. Broadcasting cameras followed the ball, and the tobacco advertisement filled the television screens of baseball fanatics across…

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  • Anti Tobacco Advertising Research Paper

    In early 2001, the Indian government enacted a sweeping ban on tobacco advertisement, designed to thwart adolescent smoking and empower the government’s anti-tobacco efforts (ICMR, 2001). There were strong arguments made on both sides of the issue of the ban. Both proponents and opponents of the ban were well aware of the conflict of interest that existed between the government of India and the tobacco companies. The situation, at its genesis, could rightly have been called a mess. It was, at…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Banning Of Tobacco Advertising

    In summarizing the arguments in favor of the ban on tobacco advertising in India I find that they mostly all agree that it wasn’t unconstitutional to establish such ban. With France Finland and Norway already having a similar ban it was easy to have something to compare and contrast with. Most of the arguments that are for the banning the advertisement of tobacco were based on protecting the public against serious health risk as well as protecting the minor class. Being that that the Indian…

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