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  • Sentence And Themes In The Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath

    The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath relies heavily on shift in tone and topic to portray the ongoing descent into depression that is the basic story arch for the main character Esther Greenwood. Plath employs a large arsenal of techniques to convey the necessary shifts in the novel. One of the most obvious methods is a direct statement of shift by a character. The direct shift is combined with hints through typical behavior, such as crying. Plath also uses contrasting statements both through Esther…

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  • Power In Sylvia Plath's Daddy

    In her poem “Daddy,” Sylvia Plath illustrates the struggle between a victimized daughter and a towering, menacing father. Written at the end of her life, this work of art shines out among Plath’s other poems while still relating to her previous works. Throughout her life, Plath experienced many life changing events, taking what she learned from them and amplifying the knowledge by writing it down into a beautiful piece of art. The resulting poems and novels reflects the deep wounds embedded…

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  • An Analysis Of Poem The Thought Fox, By Ted Hughes

    The poem “The Thought-Fox” is written by Ted Hughes’ in 1957. The poem exists out of descriptive and figurative language; this language is used to emphasize the intrinsic and complex relationship between a poet and the poet literary creations. The poem is a six-stanza poem that is all quatrains, with one or two full end rhymes. The poet carefully used different punctuation and enjambment to the rhythms of the fox as it moves onto the page come through. The poem deals with 6 stanzas and 4…

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  • A Birthday Present By Sylvia Plath Analysis

    one of the most shocking losses in literary history because of its suddenness and because of who were left behind. People of all statuses and locations have provided their reactions to Plath’s death. These reactions ranged from death threats to Ted Hughes, the man accused of driving Sylvia Plath to her suicide, to making movies celebrating her courage in facing death on her own terms. These reactions tend to lean on…

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  • Ted Hughes The Negro Speaks Of Rivers

    of Rivers, being Hughes’ earliest work, is indicative of the themes that run through much of Hughes’ work. Hughes use of black pride is present; he writes, “I bathed in the Euphrates when dawns were young./ I built my hut near the Congo and it lulled me to sleep./ I looked upon the Nile and raised pyramids above it./ I heard the singing of the Mississippi when Abe Lincoln/ went down to New Orleans, and I’ve seen its muddy/ bosom turn all golden in the sunset” (Hughes, 23). Hughes shows the role…

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  • My Loathing By Ted Hughes Analysis

    Pakistan has been the multicultural society having people of different cultures and ethnicities which have all been transformed, into crystalline remains of literature in a variety of languages with a host of language, the literature produced here depicts an amazing variety Urdu, Hindi, Pashto, Punjabi, Sindhi, literatures with all of their prestige show a rich literary heritage. However, this progress and development has not been demarcated to indigenous literatures of Pakistan. Pakistani…

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  • Poetry Analysis Of Hunting Snake And Snake By Ted Hughes

    “Hunting Snake” written by Judith Wright and “Pike” written by Ted Hughes are two poems about nature and animals. Hunting Snake has four stanzas and Pike has eleven stanzas. The animals in the Hunting Snake and Pike seem to be similar animals as they hunt in similar ways by being slow, quiet and pouncing to surprise the animal. Both of the poets write about their encounters with hunting animals, a hunting snake and a pike fish. Judith writes about a “big black snake” in nature hunting like in…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Indian Hair By Ted Hughes

    This essay is attempting to convince readers to look into what is going into the items that they have received, whether it be “100 % Indian Hair or clothes from Walmart ... not thinking of who made them”. The essay discusses how many may not know what is truly going on behind the scenes of what is being bought and used for personal gain. She discusses how many surely do not understand the customs of Indian women and what they go through with their hair to get it the way that it is for the…

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  • Stings Sylvia Plath Analysis

    “Stings,” one can develop a biographical perception of Plath’s writing. However, it is within her published version of “Stings” that Plath’s writing is revealed as the Introduction to Johnny Panic states, “impassioned reorganizations of relevant fact.” (Hughes 2) Plath’s first known typewritten draft of “Stings,” in Stings: Original Drafts of the Poem in Facsimile, there is a powerful negativity towards men. The speaker of the poem refers to men as “stingless dead men,” (65)…

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  • What Happens To A Dream Deferred Ted Hughes Analysis

    Hughes begins his poem in a strange way by arranging the words "deferred dream" and using "dream deferred" instead, which makes us realize that we are not in the world of logical principles, but rather a world of poetry that helps us find the truth and oneself. The arrangement of “dream deferred” doesn’t tell the reader information about something, but makes the reader ask questions about why he chose that title. Hughes made the reader pay closer attention due to the title because he did not…

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