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  • Isaiah Chapter 36-39 Analysis

    Introduction & Main Theme The historical interlude, Isaiah chapters 36-39, surrounds the military might of two parties: Hezekiah, king of Judah and the Assyria king Sennacherib. The Assyrian king sends his messengers to Hezekiah to frighten him to distance himself from God and to rely upon Assyria. Isaiah is called in to prophesize to Hezekiah. God gives him signs. Sennacherib ends up dying. Hezekiah also suffered from an illness, which he recovered in his health by God. Ironically, he shows his possessions to Babylon. Isaiah prophecies that Hezekiah’s country will be given to the Babylonians. The main theme is God’s power to save his people from their enemies. God can also save his king on behalf of King David. Purpose of the text The purpose of…

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  • Hezekiah's Tunnel Research Paper

    Hezekiah’s Tunnel is also referred to as the Siloam Tunnel, a conduit for water supply that is a part of Jerusalem’s water system, it is said to be about 1750 feet long and runs under the City of David connecting Gihon’s Spring with the Siloam Pool. It is believed the tunnel was dug during the reign of King Hezekiah of Judah in preparation for the attack from Sennacherib according to 2 Chronicles 32:2-4 and 2 Kings 20:20. According to Avraham Faust, A Note on Hezekiah’s Tunnel and the Siloam…

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  • Analytical Essay: Hezekiah's Passion For God

    using it as a way to remember God’s power, the people had been bowing down to it. It had to go. Most other kings who had served God, neglected to do this, thereby allowing this compromise to continue. But Hezekiah was ruthless of his purging of Judah, and was sold out for God. The power of the time was Assyria. They had systematically defeated all of the surrounding countries extending their empire to include everything except the little principality of Judah. Hezekiah had at first tried to…

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  • The Assyrian Crisis: The Fall Of The Northern Kingdom

    rose up and conquered the Assyrian and Jerusalem destroyed. The Restoration Crisis: This is the timeframe for rebuilding Jewish temple. 2. Do you think Isaiah 's advice to Ahaz in the Syro-Ephraimitic crisis was sound? Explain your answer. Ahaz had been attacked and oppressed by Pekah King of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and also by King of Damascus. They wanted to destroy the Davidic line and replace it. They had wanted Ahaz to join them in a coalition to fight off the Assyrians, but he…

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