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  • History Of The Apple Company

    iMac was designed to win over people who never owned a computer. With its sleek colorful translucent case, 15-inch monitor and thin keyboard, it quickly exceeded its sales expectations. The iPod was a palm size digital music player were you could plug into a computer with a USB cord and download music. It had features like a calendar, address book and alarm. The iPod supported most audio files formatted as MP3, WAV or AAC. Users would use the “touch…

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  • Digital Art Essay

    Introduction to artistic software Digital art is an artistic work that artist uses different technology software to produce creative art. All digital art need a context that is defined by specific software and hardware. However, Digital art must be evaluated from its contents and aesthetical point of view, in order to be categorized as piece of art. Like traditional art products, digital art products also involved cleverness and originality, especially when the art filled with messaged…

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  • Blackberry Company Essay

    BlackBerry Limited, formerly known as Research in Motion, is a Canadian multinational corporation headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. BlackBerry designs, manufactures, markets and distributes handheld telecommunications devices as well as corporate enterprise hardware and software technologies. According to BlackBerry Investor Relations, total assets were reported at $6.549 billion dollars, and total revenue totaled $3.335 billion dollars. All figures reported are in U.S. dollars.…

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  • Smart Phones Timeline

    Smart Phones Timeline: 1930s Proof that boolean logic was possible was found in George Stibitz 's invention of his "Model K" Adder. He utilized Bell Company 's telephone relays in order to create a basic calulator devise in the year 1937. Two years later, Hewlett-Packard was founded by David Packard and Bill Hewlett in their garage. Their first business expedition within HP was sound-testing equipment. [1] Timeline: 1940s In 1940, George Stibitz makes history again with his…

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  • Computer Warfare In The 1950's

    Technology began growing at an exponential rate during the 1900s. Mankind was being revolutionized and would be changed forever due to the technological advances being made. The 1950's was the start of the extreme change and growth with the creation of the computer. The computer accelerated the growth of almost all technology being created. The 1960s and 1970s would have the start of many businesses and technologies. The 1980s and 1990s would progress technology even further and advance upon…

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  • Case Study Tablet Pc

    developers, and then opens an Apps store on iTunes where business users can download hundreds of applications to support collaboration, location, based services, and communication with colleagues. 1. Introduction / Overview Mobile operating system (OS) is the software that can be a smart phone, a tablet PC, and other devices to be able to run the application program. As I wrote, tablet PC is very close to our life. 2. Why you selected the topic One of the necessities…

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