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    Reflection on Vern S. Poythress “Redeeming Mathematics: A God-Centered Approach” Written by Jordan Baker, Numon Gafurov, CJ Gordon, Charlie Hubbard, and Alex Vander Stoep The Society of Brainiacs - Affiliation NWC Overview: In his book, “Redeeming Mathematics: A God-Centered Approach”, Vern S. Poythress offers a foundational interpretation for all mathematical thought. Driven by his strong love for math along with his strong love for God, Poythress argues that “God’s consistent character and nature are found in the harmony between mathematical truths, our physical world of things, and the personal world of our thinking.” Poythress bases his interpretations on the purity and beauty he sees within mathematics which mirrors the pure and beautiful nature of God himself. In a world that views mathematics as “religiously neutral”, Poythress strives to shatter that worldview in hopes to show people the numerous ways in which God and mathematics are so perfectly associated. Part 1 - Chapter 1: God and Mathematics Vern S. Poythress begins his discussion with a chapter titled “God and Mathematics.” In this chapter, he examines characteristics that are shared between God and arithmetical truth. First, Poythress states that 2+2=4 is true at all times and at all places. In other words, it is eternal and omnipresent, which are two characteristics that we often attribute to God. He also explains that the truth of 2+2=4 cannot be seen apart from its applications, and that our…

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