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  • Multitasking In Psychology

    In recent years, Psychology Today released an article in regards to the effectiveness of multitasking. Though the source of this particular article is not a scholarly one, the points addressed by the author are ones that are worth reading over and perhaps will inspire readers to delve deeper into the mechanics of the act of multitasking. The main theme of this article is that although multitasking seems like the best way to be productive in today’s fast paced society, it is actually nearly impossible to do and is highly inefficient. Many people that believe that they can multitask are actually serial tasking, which is rapidly switching between tasks, causing the brain to have to remove itself from processing one task and begin to process an…

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  • Multitasking Is Bad

    Multitasking is something everyone does every so often or consistently. Some students may watch TV while doing homework or one may write notes during a meeting. For some people, multitasking may be more relevant in their lives than others. It may be part of their daily routine or something they only do when it is needed. But for whatever reason one may do multitasking, it is something we do and that is important to our lives. Some people may not realize how harming and negative this practice…

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  • Negative Effects Of Multitasking

    It is evident that multitasking can cause many health concerns, however, the most alarming fact is that young people are far more prone to multitask before they even realize what they are putting themselves through. A child attempting to study while watching television won’t be able to recall a large portion of what they have just studied. This curiosity is explained by the work of psychologist Russell Poldrack, who used various ways to scan subject’s brains while they were actively multitasking…

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  • The Multitasking Generation Summary

    perspective; which sometimes we forget to notice what we do have in our surroundings. In an article entitled, “The Multitasking Generation” written by Claudia Wallis, she talked about people being imprisoned by their devices that it hinders them from doing their task to the best of their ability. In this article, the author expresses a message that we cannot effectively multitask and how technology have become one of the main reason as to why some of us are forgetting to live our lives. Claudia…

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  • Effects Of Media On Multitasking

    How does the media affect multitasking and communication? The media has had a lot of interactions with the world since the television was created. It has affected everyone in either a positive or negative way in every step of our lives. It has saved lives and destroyed entire nations apart with a press of a button. Joanne Simpson argues that “media multitasking” is damaging the students’ ability to focus, concentrate, and effectively communicate with others as well as working on other tasks. In…

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  • Multitasking Research Paper

    Introduction Lord Stanhope’s letter illustrates the longstanding concerns about multitasking. Even the earliest education journals studied the issue of distractibility and spreading attention too thinly (Bailey, 1889; Denio, 1897; Henderson, Crews, & Barlow, 1945; Poyntz, 1933). With digital technology, not only has the issue persisted, there are concerns that the impact on learning is even greater than before (Bowman, Levine, Waite, & Gendron, 2010; Fox, Rosen, & Crawford, 2009; Levine, Waite,…

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  • Disadvantages Of Multitasking

    to recreate boundaries Multitasking can make you lose.... um... focus, is actually a very true statement. After carefully reading and selecting the article that was most interesting to me, I realized that I was reading the article, scanning through my phone, and watching TV. Today, everyone wants things to be microwaved and rather not wait, which is mainly called being impatient. In the article, Multitasking can make you lose, um, focus, the author Ms. Alina Tugend informs her readers about…

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  • Multitasking Benefits

    Multitasking is the apparent performance by an individual of handling more than one task, or activity at the same time. Multitasking has become a part of our everyday routine. With having a lot of work to do in a day, multitasking can be helpful. An individual can finish more than one task in a short period of time, which will leave them more time to do other things. I enjoy multitasking because I feel accomplished once all of my work is done. However, sometimes when multitasking, one thing may…

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  • Multitasking In Education

    Since multitasking is here to stay, there are a couple suggestions on how to be able to manage multitasking and use of technology. One of the ways is to work on a single task before moving on. The reason being, when we are assigned a task, the prefrontal cortex of the brain takes control and assigns different parts of the brain to handle them, (Shao & Shao, 2012,p.77). By being focused on one, we ensure the fact that task will get completed. Think of a To Do List. How many times did it seem…

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  • Technology And Distraction Essay

    games and often have a hard time focusing. Overall, technology affects students more harshly than positively. To start, the main reason that technology can be such a distraction is multi-tasking. When students are switching through tabs to avoid a teacher's eyes or pretending to be listening to a lecture when they are playing games on their phone, they are multitasking. The ability to multitask is usually thought of as a good trait, however, in recent years, studies have revealed that it can be…

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