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  • Kurt Vonnegut Writing Style Analysis

    Every author has their own unique writing style. Kurt Vonnegut’s just so happens to be very effective. The unique pairing of black humor, social satire, and science fiction make the stories of Kurt Vonnegut both intriguing and effective. His way of satirizing contemporary society using themes such as war, sex, and death makes his stories bluntly honest. To verify the assumption made, three novels were read. The novels include: Slaughterhouse-Five, Cat’s Cradle, and Breakfast of Champions.…

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  • Egalitarianism In Harrison Bergeron, By Kurt Vonnegut

    One cannot imagine the problems that can occur in a society based exclusively on egalitarianism, nevertheless in the short story Harrison Bergeron (1961) by American author Kurt Vonnegut it gives a glimpse into what a society based on complete equality for all would look like. The story takes place in 2081 in a society where everyone is made equal by using handicaps on those who excel in anyway. The main character, Harrison Bergeron, does not agree with this handicapping policy and is willing to…

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  • Slaughterhouse-Five By Kurt Vonnegut: An Analysis

    Slaughterhouse-Five is a remarkable novel written in 1969 by Kurt Vonnegut that displays the hardships of World War 2 through the experiences of the main protagonist Billy Pilgrim. It is a controversial novel that has created multiple perspectives (right and wrong) and one of those perspectives can be obtained in an article titled “Dystopian Cybernetic Environment in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse five” which is authored by three journalists Babaee, Yahya, and Sivagurunathan. The article…

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  • Summary Of Professions For Women By Kurt Vonnegut

    The Consequences of Society’s Views Kurt Vonnegut has written a collective amount of small essays and in one of them he speaks of going into the arts. He draws the reader in by his blunt honesty and compassion, showing a great deal of ethos and pathos in the process. Kurt tells of the success to be found within the creative process and the benefits to reaped from it. Virginia Woolf in “Professions for Women” reiterates this theme of success in her speech to others, particularly women. Her use of…

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  • Themes Of Slaughterhouse Five By Kurt Vonnegut

    Slaughterhouse-Five, a novel by Kurt Vonnegut, brings a new aspect to the image revolving around time, life, and war, as well as how war is perceived. Vonnegut changes the glorified image of war and brings a never before experienced reality into his novel. In the words of noted scholar Josh Simpson, “Slaughterhouse-Five shows two things simultaneously with equally chilling clarity: what war and bad ideas can do to humanity” (Simpson 7). Like-minded, Dr. Ruzbeh Babaee adds, “Vonnegut’s dark…

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  • Sacrifice And Evolution In 2boo2b By Kurt Vonnegut

    child is born, someone has to sacrifice themselves in order for that child to live? This world has evolved so much that scientists have found a cure for aging and people no longer grow old or die from any natural causes. The short story 2BRO2B by Kurt Vonnegut, is about sacrifice and evolution and reveals that when we, as human beings, evolve it will lead to us making sacrifices we wouldn’t make unless it was the last possible option. Every bad situation has been solved and no one has to worry…

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  • The Themes Of Harrison Bergeron, By Kurt Vonnegut

    Harrison Bergeron written by Kurt Vonnegut and is one of the most recent books that I have read. Harrison Bergeron is a dark book, but I believe the message it gave me was enlightening. It was a suspenseful book that entertains you throughout. The theme that I took from it is that you should never allow yourself to be oppressed by your leaders or anyone of that matter; instead you should fight against your oppressor. Harrison Bergeron fought for his beliefs and died happily, even though his work…

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  • Consequences Of Diversity In Harrison Bergeron, By Kurt Vonnegut

    daily lives, concerns from the past are also tagging along behind. Having advancements in technology in our society is great and all, but there are also some consequences that come with it. An example of this is in the story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut. Harrison Bergeron is a story where everyone is equal in every which way. Nobody is smarter, prettier, stronger, etc, than anyone else. Diversity isn’t allowed. That’s when Harrison Bergeron comes along and tries to show everyone that…

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  • Analysis Of Slaughterhouse Five By Kurt Vonnegut

    other ways death can be hampered, for example, in war. Of course, the climate of opinion is that war is not preventable; however, in his anti-war book, Slaughterhouse-Five, Kurt Vonnegut uses rhetoric to show how society sanctions war to be cataclysmic and damaging to all those involved. In the first chapter of the book, Vonnegut describes a visit he had with…

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  • Kurt Vonnegut Slaughterhouse Five Analysis

    arguments lead to fights, which then lead to wars. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut is a somewhat autobiographical, science-fiction novel about the life of a man who learns all that has happened and will happen is already determined, and then only lives his life instead of experiencing it. Vonnegut’s experiences and views before his death caused him to write Slaughterhouse-Five…

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