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  • Informative Essay On West Hollywood Carnaval

    West Hollywood Carnaval 1. Description Monday October 31, 2016, Halloween night, my friend and I decided to attend West Hollywood Carnaval. Before getting there, we had a hard time looking for parking for we didn’t know it’s going to be that popular. It took us about two hours to find parking which is also very far from the event. We walked for 30 minutes just to get to the location. It’s both our first time. The event takes place in the streets of Santa Monica Boulevard between N Doheny Drive and La Cienega Boulevard. The place is packed full of large crowd that are dress in different costumes. Some wear revealing attires like Calvin Clein models or not wearing anything at all but tape on their nipples, while some people wore out of the box costumes like movie characters. They are serious about their costumes, it’s very competitive. There are food trucks around the corner of each intersection selling burgers, tacos and hot dogs that was filled with long lines of people. Since demand is high, food is a bit pricey. There are also illegal hotdog vendors for people who don’t want to wait in long lines or pay inflated prices, we know because whenever the police come around they hide. There are stages with live entertainment where…

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  • Argumentative Essay: A Guide To Tour America

    A Guide to Tour America America is the birthplace of numerous metropolises like Las Vegas, LA, Miami, Boston, Chicago and New York City. Each of these cities brings to mind a million different thoughts of entertainment, culture and cuisine. If one looks closely they will witness the wide variety which makes up this country. If you wish to enjoy a spectacular tour, USA is the ideal location to start with owing to its natural beauty and rich combination of deserts, mountains, rainforests, canyons,…

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  • Best Concert Reflection

    Landing on the hard consonants and using them at the beginning of the word to propel the pitch forward worked perfectly. However, where there were any uncertain parts, prime example being the "Fa la la" section of “Fire”, our intonation, as well as all the other technical aspects declined rapidly in quality. As far as rhythmic accuracy goes, “Fire” may have lacked that quite a bit in the “Fa la la” section of the song, as well as small hiccups in some of the alleluia phrases of the Latin piece…

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  • Sunset Boulevard Character Analysis

    Complex characters such as Norma Desmond and King Lear are often used to display the effect people have on other’s realities and beliefs. In Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder and King Lear by William Shakespeare, complex characters are used to demonstrate how permissive relationships can create the false reality and ultimate madness one may endure. In Sunset Boulevard, Norma Desmond experiences a sheltered life that leads to a state of insanity. While much of this insanity comes from her own…

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  • The Big Thirst: The Secret Life And Turbulent Future Of Water By Charles Fishman

    A major problem in most cities is that water is viewed as free or cheap and therefore, commonly misused. According to Charles Fishman, “But the real obsession in Vegas is water- displaying it, unfurling it, playing with it, flaunting it” (53). In Las Vegas water is manipulated by hotels and corporations to make their business more attractive to visitors. Simply by walking down the Las Vegas strip people can view ridiculous amounts of water being employed by the casinos. Las Vegas is one of the…

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  • Montaigne On The Cannibals Analysis

    There are many effects prejudices have on both historical and modern societies. These prejudices are apparent in Price of Love and La Traviata, where the female protagonists are each harshly judged by society for their professions. Montaigne thoroughly addressed such prejudices and decoded societal perceptions of “barbarous” acts. Modern societies as a whole, however, are often quick to place judgements without offering resolutions. In both Price of Love and La Traviata, the female protagonists…

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  • Analysis Of To Honor Las Vegas, Respect The Showgirl By Jack Sheehan

    Showgirls have been the face of Las Vegas for a long time, but has been slowly dying throughout the years. In Jack Sheehan column “To Honor Las Vegas, Respect the Showgirl,” published on April 21st, 2013, in the Review-Journal, he explains why he thinks the face of the iconic showgirl is dying in Las Vegas. Sheehan, who has lived in Las Vegas for about four decades, wrote an opinionated piece, that needed more supporting facts. “To Honor Las Vegas, Respect the Showgirl,” was structured well, but…

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  • The Pearl John Steinbeck Analysis

    A pearl is an item that is glorified for its extravagant beauty, but how can a thing with such beauty cause such an ugly demise? “The Pearl” was written by John Ernst Steinbeck in 1947. Steinbeck was an author known for using experiences from his from his travels, the people he met during those, and his own life experiences, such as his marriages to inspire beautiful novels giving insight to the lives and struggles of others he hoped to better shape other’s lives. In this novel, Steinbeck takes…

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  • Dangerous Journeys In The Pearl By John Steinbeck

    The Pearl The story The Pearl, many dangerous journeys are made and great things are found that it makes good angels turn to bad demons. John Steinbeck, a famous american author, wrote the novella The Pearl. In the novella, there is an indian man who finds “the pearl of the world” only to see that it brings many challenges. He must sell the pearl to make sure his family lives a long life, but must pass through all the dangers to make his dreams come true. Throughout the novel, what Kino views…

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  • How Soccer Changed The World Essay

    coach that has modernized Jogo Bonito his name Josep Guardiola or Pep. Pep is a former Barcelona player that grew up in La Masia. La Masia is the worlds most successful youth academy in the world. Peps coaching career started in Puebla, Mexico that is where he went to school to graduate as a professional coach. Guardiola 's style of play is similar to Brazil 's style in 1958 but more intense. The former Barcelona coach is very patient with the plays it could take up to five minutes to create a…

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