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  • The Dew Breaker Literary Essay

    A major issue at the center of Danticat’s novel, “The Dew Breaker” deals with the brutal military dictatorship of Haiti. There are numerous chapters in Danticat book where she expresses how brutal the Presidents army, the Tontons Macoutes, were to the citizens of Haiti. Danticat depicts the misery, violence, and suffering of the Haitian people under the hands of President Jean-Claude Duvalier and his military personnal. The novel showcases how the supreme power of Duvalier was exercised, through the macoutes, to commit crimes against humanity by personal accounts of numerous characters within the book. President Jean-Claude Duvalier ruled Haiti from 1971 to 1986, when he was forced to flee. He succeeded to President after his father’s death at the young age of 19. He governed Haiti far longer than any other President as he announced him to be Haiti’s President for Life[1]. Duvalier is known for his brutal crimes against humanity by way of the macoutes, his military army. Duvalier would have the macoutes “round-up citizens” of Haiti to have them come and listen to him deliver a speech. The macoutes would scout the public and offer young men the opportunity to join their military group in exchange for a life of luxury. This was a lucrative way of conducting business for the President as well as the macoutes[2]. Danticat depicts the misery, violence, and suffering of many Haitian individuals under the hands of this President and his military by the use of numerous characters…

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  • Still Life With A Skull And A Writing Quill Analysis

    To attract and keep the attention of the audience in a genre as stale and traditional as still life painting can be a difficult task, but many painters have risen to the challenge in the hundreds of years since its invention. These methods are numerous and involve the exploration of tensions such as those that exist between abstraction and representation, or moralizing versus hedonistic. Considered one of the lowest types of art by the French Academy, Still Life with a Bottle of Rum, Shoes, and…

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  • Laughter In Dostoyevsky's The Idiot

    One of the most well-known philosophical work on the phenomenon of laughter belongs to Henri Bergson, the author of Laughter written in 1900. There Bergson examines laughter as a social activity caused by certain comic situations, which in their turn obtain particular patterns of mechanics or repetition. According to Bergson, laughter is an exclusively human phenomenon such that only human beings are able to laugh and also are the primary objects of laughter. In all other cases, nature or…

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  • Essays And Criticism In Henri Matisse's The Red Studio By Clement Greenberg

    The role of depth in inciting the other senses has been discussed, but what if there was no depth and the entire composition was as flat as it could be. Flatness relieves a painting of the sculptural effect, but does it only present a space inhabitable to man? As far as this assessment is accurate, Greenberg fails to factor in what type of space is represented in flatness. Henri Matisse’s The Red Studio is a very flat painting, with everything in two dimensions. This painting agrees with in the…

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  • Henri Fayol's Theory Of Management Of Fayolism

    Henri Fayol, born 29 July 1841 in Istanbul and deceased on the 19th of November 1925, was a French mining director and engineer, who analyzed and synthesized a theory of management called Fayolism. Fayol’s motivation was not financial, as he had developed his theory at the late age of 75, after a lifetime of collecting and recording observations, while pursuing his career as the manager of a successful metallurgy. The roots of his work may have sprouted from his private life, respectively…

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  • Henri Fayol Case Study

    Henri Fayol was a French engineer and manager in a mine industry and formed the theory to create the base of business administration and business management that is used today. He was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1841. He joined an engineering school in Lyon which is the second largest city of France. By the age of 19, he graduated as a mine engineer in 1860. As a engineer he joined Rambourg and Co at Boigues. He was the first engineer who came up with the solution to various kinds of problem in…

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  • La Machine At Bougival

    driving the artist’s subjective emotional state. Rather than using idealized forms or classical codes, Fauvists believed that color had a spiritual quality that linked directly to the viewer’s emotional experience. This radical idea revealed that color could be used symbolically, breaking its previously established role as a descriptive element (MacTaggart, 2007). When asked to define Fauvism, Maurice de Vlaminck replied, “What is Fauvism? It is me; it was my style... my way of combined revolt…

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  • Museum Of Modern Art Analysis

    With all the museums and galleries to choose from, I chose, The Art Gallery of Ontario and the Museum of Modern Art. They have totally different designs in the way of navigation. The Art Gallery of Ontario has a navigation bar at the top which is quite standard these days for website design. The museum of Modern Art has a unique way of designing their website homepage as it has a navigation at the bottom of the website. With that said, The Art Gallery of Ontario has their main navigation easy…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Freedom In The Story Of An Hour

    There is a trend in history that a woman must depend on and devote herself to a man. In the text “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, it emphasizes this idea very clearly. Although the text was written in 1895, the same attitude within it is present in today’s culture. The manner in which the characters treat each other and the fear of the unexpected emotions from the situation, are still very relevant in today’s society. The story casts light on the way women feel trapped in their personal…

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  • Influence Of Technology On Art

    CURRICULUM UNIT PART C Unit Title: I know my emotions! Subject/Content Area: Art Unit Standards: Please see the Appendix-I Essential understanding: Student will understand: • technology is a tool to reach information Objectives: Students will be able to • discuss their ideas about artwork • apply technology as a tool and substitution for pen and paper • experience the process of creating a video Rationale In this part, I will utilize technology in substitution, augmentation and…

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