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  • Swing Jazz In The Machine Age By Le Corbusier

    The book begins with a modernist architect, Le Corbusier, visiting New York City. Le Corbusier marveled both the city and the musical culture of African-Americans. He believed, “jazz is an event representing the forces of today” (p. 3). The forces of today are the industrialization and mass production of American society. He even goes on to state that American society is a “machine for living” (p. 3). Le Corbusier believed jazz reflected and contained chaotic yet continuous rhythmic flow that…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Wright Brothers And The Wright Brothers

    The Wright brothers had one heck of a life. They are two guys that will forever be remembered for their ideas and old techniques. They had a dream that they stuck with through all the failures and soon came to be the most used advance technology used today. Both of the brothers were drop outs who choose ideas over school. They made a huge impact on the world today and will always be the "fathers of aviation." If it was not for the brothers, the U.S. would be different. We might 've lost some…

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  • Good Ethos: Honesty Or Trustful?

    Throughout our lifetime, many people strive to be respected and honored in their own rights within their social class and their society. Therefore, in order to be respected one must be respectful, credible, trustworthy as well as honest. Hence, these traits form the core principal of what is known as good ethos. Ethos, clarified and explained by a famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle; is one of the vital elements of communication and speaking. Thus, one of the essential purposes of ethos is to…

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  • Comparing Hamlet And Gertrude's Marriage In Hamlet By William Shakespeare

    Another delicate nuance that I would like to consider about her marriage. In order to remarry she should probably discuss it with her only son, who by the way was the prince and could have his father’s throne. Neither the movie nor the text do not speak about it, but if we try to picture the possibility that they might have discussed her marriage, Hamlet definitely would oppose to her marriage plan, which after all Gertrude ignored, or perhaps she did not discuss it with Hamlet which she had…

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  • Glenn T. Seaborg's Life: Glenn T. Seaborg

    Glenn T. Seaborg was born in Ishpeming, Sweden in 1912, into a family known publically as being intelligent. However, in 1922, the family moved to California in order to expand their opportunities. In high school, he had no interest in science. However, a science class was required for graduation. A teacher named Dwight Logan Reid is given credit for his interest in the field. Due to his family’s finances, the nearby University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) was his only option; due to its…

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  • Langston Hughes And I Have A Dream Analysis

    Rights movement. Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes became a role model for Martin Luther King that grew from their similar background and heritage. King’s writing process for “I have a Dream,” looked to Hughes poetry for inspiration. Additionally, King made frequent allusion to Hughes’ poetry within his sermons. King viewed Hughes as a role model. Hughes influenced King’s discussion of an equal society, featured in “Dream Variation.” Langston Hughes and Martin Luther King grew up in…

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  • Racism In Hughes's Poem By Langston Hughes

    The poem Harlem by Langston Hughes is a lyric poem, and the author focuses the theme on society “deferring” the dreams of African Americans due to racism. Langston Hughes uses descriptive similes throughout the poem to get his theme of racism across to his audience. In the 2nd line of the poem, Langston Hughes informs the reader that deferring a dream is similar to a raisin. This is because as grapes age, they lose their juice and begin to dry out, turning into a raisin. This is what happens to…

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  • The Legacy Of Langston Hughes

    Langston Hughes dreamed for equality throughout the human race, he raced toward that dream by exposed his peoples’ culture to the white public and was often the voice of his people, therefore Hughes is one if the main reasons black culture is celebrated today. Langston Hughes, or James Mercer, was born on February 1, 1902 in Joplin Missouri. He died May 22, 1967 in New York City (Webster 209). Born with a racial background of African, French, Native American, and English ancestry, Hughes used…

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  • The American Dream In Langston Hughes's Harlem

    despite the violence that might have come their way. “Harlem” is one of these literary works were written in 1951 by Langston Hughes, an American poet, novelist, and social activist. Throughout his life, Hughes published numerous works, most of which portrayed the life of black people, and his work had a major influence on the artistic styles of the Harlem Renaissance. Hughes’ main point in “Harlem” is that African Americans’ dreams are being deferred because of all the racism in the country…

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  • Analysis Of Dreams By Langston Hughes

    Langston Hughes was born on February 1,1902.He was born in Joplin,Missouri.Langston Hughes full name was James Mercer Langston Hughes.Soon after he was born his parents separated.Langston Hughes father moved to Mexico.He was raised mostly by his grandmother.Since his mom moved around a lot during his early life.Langston Hughes grandmother was named Mary.He lived in Lawrence, Kansas until his grandmother died when he was a teenager.After his grandmother died he lived with some family friends…

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