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  • Julius Lipner: The Negative Impact Of Hinduism On Indian Society

    Hinduism is one of the oldest organized religions of the human beings with more than 4500 years of history and it is the third biggest religion with approximately one billion followers. The notion of Hinduism as religion refers to the philosophical beliefs of people living in modern day India and Indian subcontinent. Unlike other religions, Hinduism (also known as ‘Sanatana Dharma’ or ‘Eternal Religion’) had not been set up from one philosophy, tradition or had not originated from one holy book,…

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  • Analysis Of Kamala Markandaya's Novel 'A Marginalized Rose'

    I’ve been planted in a pot My roots are welded to the soil My buds are blossoming But I am fed fertilizer named Hindering Eventually these petals will be a memory My existence dust (A Marginalized Rose) These words by Francisco DH in his poem ‘A Marginalized Rose’ illuminates the mental and emotional condition of the marginalized groups and draws a picture upon the cruel social system, that disconnect a particular group from the mainstream culture and hinder their growth. Marginalization is the…

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  • Mahatma Gandhi: The Characteristics Of Transformational Leadership

    Abstract: It is true that some of the inspiring and motivating lessons for humanity lie in the past. This Analytical paper of study is tribute to great leader of great abilities, charisma and achievement i.e. Mahatma Gandhi. History tells the story of their greatness and their success .Mahatma Gandhi fit the meaning of transformational leader in very clear way. Business management and managers must learn and appreciate the lives and achievement of this great man. This paper starts with…

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  • Ambedkar Emancipation For Women Analysis

     Dr B R Ambedkar’s Emancipation for Women: Dr B R Ambedkar began his movement in 1920 and meanwhile started journals called MookNayak and Bahishkrut Bharat in order to make women as rationalists. The main of his movement is to emancipate or raise voice for gaining equality especially of oppressed classes. Apart from the chief architect of Indian constitution he struggled for marginalized women and their fulfilment. Dr Ambedkar had believed in the strength of women and their role in the process…

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  • Antonio Gramsci Hegemony Summary

    POLITICAL HEGEMONY This week’s readings start with Antonio Gramsci who was a very influential Marxist theorist and politician that his ideas are still relevant today. Gramsci followed the Marx but he added much more to the Marxist tradition in terms of explaining why Western societies didn’t experience the revolution. He introduced the concepts of civil and political society as two main parts of the superstructure and most importantly he defined hegemony as the mixture of coercion and consent.…

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  • Caste System Essay

    Even though the caste system was outlawed nearly fifty years ago, it still finds a role in today’s Indian society. Socially, caste is a thing of the past. It’s not acknowledged in casual situations, but that does not mean it has disappeared completely. Two factors major factors are still keeping the caste system relevant in society: human nature to associate with a group and the modern democratic system’s emphasis on group representation. As individuals, we find strength in numbers.…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Caste

    system, corruption etc.  Following are few common castes based social problems faced by the society: 1. CASTE BASED VIOLENCE Caste- related abandon has occurred and occurs in India in assorted forms. According to a address by Human Rights Watch, "Dalits and aboriginal peoples (known as Scheduled Tribes or adivasis) abide to face discrimination, exclusion, and acts of common violence. Laws and behavior adopted by the Indian government accommodate a able base for protection, but are not getting…

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  • Stop Human Trafficking Essay

    Can you imagine going to a local market and realizing that children and women’s body parts are being sold instead of fruits and vegetables? Human trafficking is a very serious issue in all countries. These people work in groups or teams to kidnap children and women. Innocent children and women that they target on the street are kidnapped and secretly transported to counties like Thailand, Turkey, China, and Italy to make money. This illegal business has spread all over the world and is…

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  • Example Of Social Marginalisation

    Marginalization means “Boundary or Margin”, the people live beyond that boundary or lines are known as “Marginalised People”. In world, millions of people suffer through marginality. The marginalised people do not have proper control over their lives, their rights and the resources available to them. The people are marginalised on numerous factors, like mental illness, learning disorder, people from lower class and so on. In this topic, the description is about the people who are marginalised as…

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  • Scheduled Caste Essay

    INTRODUCTION: In India, the backward castes had been denied all kinds of social and economic endowments. Hence, they had been lagging behind in the process of development. The social and economic deprivation among Scheduled Castes had been most common during pre and post-Independence. Therefore, there was a need of number of special safeguard policies. One of that is, ‘Reservation Policy’. People of depressed classes were considered as untouchables and in 1919, the British Government granted…

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