Stop Human Trafficking Essay

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Can you imagine going to a local market and realizing that children and women’s body parts are being sold instead of fruits and vegetables? Human trafficking is a very serious issue in all countries. These people work in groups or teams to kidnap children and women. Innocent children and women that they target on the street are kidnapped and secretly transported to counties like Thailand, Turkey, China, and Italy to make money. This illegal business has spread all over the world and is increasing day by day. These people’s sales children and women’s for running their sex business, we need to know how they work to catch a victim for organ trafficking. Today human trafficking need special attention we need to make planes to stop trafficking. …show more content…
Human trafficking is most serious problem of all countries. It change our peaceful and safe country into violence and unsafe. We need to stop this violence it is our duty to safe our children’s and women’s. We need to lift victims and children’s out of this darkness and give them a peaceful and respected life in our community. Many children and women welfare and other health care departments in different countries make new rules and offices to help these peoples or in order to stop human trafficking. In America “President Obama is committed to ending modern slavery in this country. And if we work together with our government partners, policymakers, advocates, care and service providers, and the courageous survivors among us, we can help more young people escape the horrors of human trafficking and achieve their dreams.” (Jarrett, Valerie).
So in conclusion human trafficking is one of the most unquoted and unforgiveable crime. We need to stop this sexual business and safe our women’s from violence. We must need to tell these peoples that human being is not a vegetables which they are sold in the market for their business. Or we must follow the rules of human welfare for the good future of our

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