Dakota War of 1862

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  • Dakota Trials Essay

    The Trials The captured Dakota were being charged with “participation in the murders, outrages, and robberies…particularly in the battles at the Fort, New Ulm, Birch Coulee, and Wood Lake” (Oehler, pg. 206). The ensuing trials were conducted with an arraignment and a confession of being at one of the battles. The Dakota had believed the confession would make them prisoners of war – not guilty of murder. Once the commission became acquainted with the details of the various battles, a connection to a particular battle would find the defendant guilty. There were as many as forty cases tried in a day. O 206 The commission felt these ‘trials’ were just as ‘these battles were not ordinary….they were directed against villages defended by civilians, hastily and indifferently armed…besides, the code of the Indians, which takes life for life, justified it”. Most critics of the trials and the Dakota being sentenced to die asserted, “were condemned on general principles, without any specific charges proved” Oheler pg 207 . According to historian Gustav Niebuhr in, Lincoln’s Bishop: A President, a Priest and the Fate of 300 Dakota Sioux Warriors, writes that the commission used a half-breed named Godfrey [native name - Otakle], born to African American and…

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  • Explaining The Effects Of The Civil War On The African And African American Civil War

    Introduction This lesson’s goal is to enhance the understanding of the effects of the Civil War within the U.S. amongst the African and Native communities, which can provide further understanding of events after the war. Standard Regional tensions around economic development, slavery, territorial expansion and governance resulted in a Civil War and a period of Reconstruction that led to the abolition of slavery, a more powerful federal government, a renewed push into indigenous…

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  • Multicultural Event Research Paper

    videos on the History of the Native Americans will come from that site. The first video, “Dakota Homeland”, gives an overview of what land was owned by the Dakota land. Early in the video the statement, “Dakota is not a nation of people. Dakota is a way of life in which you walk through this world”, already shows the strong spiritual involvement the Dakota people have with their land and culture. They refer to the land as their mother; everything that god has created and put on the earth is…

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  • Write An Essay On Clara's Parents

    Lake, and it’s reasonable to assume that they joyfully anticipated the arrival of children. After a difficult labor and delivery, Mathilda gave birth to their first child on February 3, 1893, christened her Ruth Clara Adelia, and commonly called her Clara.5 In one of Clara’s earliest memories, she recalled standing near her parents as they watched a small band of “Indians” walk across their farm. Although the Native Americans passed by without incident,6 Clara visually displayed fear when she…

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  • Captain Charles H. Winesburg, Ohio

    Clyde, Ohio is a town located in Sandusky County about 40 miles southeast of Toledo. The city has a population of approximately 6,000 people. The community was founded by a young lieutenant who fought in many Indian wars. The town was not originally named Clyde. Before they were renamed Clyde, the city was called Centreville. The city was renamed after Clyde, New York, which was the hometown of an early resident. Clyde has a few prominent citizens that left their mark in their life and in their…

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  • Analysis Of The Widespread Enigma Concerning Blue-Star Woman

    A. The United States government has never taken major action that has helped Native Americans. In it best light, the government has given a halfhearted apology in 2009. This was hidden away in a military spending bill, complete with a disclaimer that nothing it contained authorized or served as a claim against the United States government itself. At its worst, the government has slaughtered hundreds of native men, women, and children for their land and resources. This was particularly evident…

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  • Dances With Wolves Essay

    Between the Differences and Similarities of the two commonly known best motion picture movies of Dances with wolves & The movie Glory. From going on into the Motion picture to Soundtrack , the theme of the movie’s together, with surroundings and settings. From how the character would be alike and non alike. What makes the story of these two so unique and alike to one another. From how the director was going with the theme of the movies and where there are really trying to get at. Dances…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Sitting Bull

    His first encounter with whites occurred in 1862 when the Santee Sioux uprising occurred in Minnesota. In July 1864, the chief vowed to keep his people from the white man’s world, and to never sign a treaty that would force them to live on a reservation. The chief’s disregard for treaties and reservation life attracted a large following of native American Indians from not only the Lakota tribe but from the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes. He led his followers to the pristine valleys of the Powder…

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  • Cline Nalbandian Theory Of Manifest Destiny

    lifestyle. Early establishment was characterized by evident isolation brought about by the vast kilometers of land separating small towns and farms. This sense of isolation altered when mass waves of migration brought thousands of new pioneers to the frontier. The original boom in 1848, occurred after James Marshall sourced a piece of Gold, commencing the ‘Gold Rush.’ Non-native population growth in the west increased from 14000 to 225000 from 1848 to 1852 with visitors from all over the world.…

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  • Differences Between Presidential Reconstruction And Congressional Reconstruction

    The Civil War and its aftermath had great impacts on Native American tribes all across the country. At the start of the war, many tribes had decided to join the Confederacy, mostly because some of their tribe members had owned slaves. Since they were apart of the Confederate States of America, the Confederacy had decided to pay all of the annuities that the Government of the United States had provided. After the Civil War, the tribes that were apart of the Confederacy were severely punished. The…

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