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  • Social Darwinism In A Christmas Carol

    Social Darwinism in society was established during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. During this time period Charles Darwin believed that people or living species competed with each other or to survive within their environment that was suitable for them. When one survives then that is the environment or society they belong too. Charles Dickens wrote the novel A Christmas Carol, in the 19th century and was inspired by the circumstances London was experiencing during this time. Dickens wrote A…

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  • How Did Man Evolve From Monkey

    Man from Monkey? Easton Montgomery Did man evolve from a monkey? That’s a question science has been trying to unravel for years. Science is known as understanding knowledge about the natural world that is based on facts learned through experiments and observation. But can you make assumptions as big as facts if you have no evidence from the time when these events actually occurred? Apes Let’s begin with the facts that we do know. Apes also known by their scientific name Hominoidea are a…

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  • Biotic Resistance Hypothesis Analysis

    Jonathan Jeschke discusses a rapidly growing scientific discipline known as the four general hypotheses in modern Invasion Ecology. Ecology is defined as the study of interactions between organisms and their natural habitat. Jeschke elaborates using different methods of hypothesis to disclose an unambiguous image of each ‘backbone of science’ as a whole and individually and the ways it is beneficial to us. However, the most important influential invasion hypothesis I believe is Biotic Resistance…

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  • Fate In Charles Dickens A Tale Of Two Cities

    it comes to the subject of fate, Charles Dickens, writer of the novel A Tale Of Two Cities, explains it in a way anyone could understand it. The novel takes place in both England and France, before and leading into the French Revolution. This novel focuses on the French fighting against the revolutionaries in attempt to salvage their lives. When push comes to shove, one has to choose, for better or for worse, how their fate will turn out. Through examining Charles Darnay leaving France for a new…

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  • Victorian Argumentative Essay On Dracula

    Victorian Action What decides what one as a person can or cannot do? Theoretically speaking, one could do anything one’s body is capable of, but society has chosen what is right and wrong. In the late nineteenth century, Queen Victoria ruled England. Her moral code, which is now known as victorianism, was widely accepted and acted upon by those who she ruled. Accordingly, the works of literature published during this time depict the popular-known, prudish nature of the population. From these…

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  • Girls Who Code Research Paper

    Beyond School Books: Podcast #83, Girls Who Code In anticipation of the International Day of the Girl Child, UNICEF podcast moderator Alex Goldmark interviews Rashma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code. The Girls Who Code organization seeks challenge many of the culturally reinforced perception and constructs believed as contributing to the low and declining representation of women within the computer sciences industries of North America. The organization provides confidence enriching…

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  • Metamorphosis In The Mistress Of Spices

    Metamorphosis is a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in the animal's body structure through cell growth and differentiation. “Some insects, fishes, amphibians, mollusks, crustaceans, cnidarians, echinoderms and tunicates undergo metamorphosis, which is usually accompanied by a change of habitat or behavior”. ( But this change has been incorporated to human’s life…

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  • The White Man's Burden Analysis

    “The White Man’s Burden” by Rudyard Kipling was wrote in 1899 to promote imperialism. Rudyard Kipling states “send forth the best ye breed,” talking about white men. He is saying that White men are the best breed, or the best of humankind. It is a poem written in encouragement of the European sense of superiority over other races. In “The White Man’s Burden.” Rudyard Kipling is describing what his opinion of the burden of a white man is. He describes the intelligence of a white man being that…

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  • Indirect Reciprocity Theory

    “How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in the fortunes of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it, except the pleasure of seeing it.” Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759, p.47) Introduction A million little incidents happen every day when people make choices that are not in their interest-for the sake of family, friends or even complete strangers. Be it in the…

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  • Character Of Scrooge In Bob Marley's A Christmas Carol

    Marley and Scrooge - the firm, known as Scrooge and Marley - although the sign hasn't changed since Marley’s death, the one thing that had worsened is the personality of Scrooge, the tight-fisted hand at the grindstone, a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner! On page two, I noticed the author states that Scrooge has an insufficient fire for keeping himself warm, but the clerk’s fire (Bob Cratchit) was so indubitably small that it looked like one coal, which…

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