Dupré's Evolution Theory

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Oranus Salimi
Psychology 385

Evolutionary psychology looks to explain that the way individuals behave and act are due to the way we, humans have evolved. In this paper, I summarize an article by Dupré, entitled “The Lure of the Simplistic,” and evaluate its claims regarding the evolution theory. Dupré claims that the evolution theory is too simplistic; thus this theory is restricted in terms of applicability, and alone is not sufficient in explaining human behaviours (2002). I conclude by arguing that although it may be true that humans behaviours are complex, I do not think that the evolution theory is as weak as Dupré portrays it to be. Most changes in behaviour can be explained by evolution partly
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According to Dupré merely one theory in this case, evolution theory, does not seem adequate in explaining such an intricate phenomenon, such as life (2002). Furthermore, Dupré goes on to state that the evolution theory is rather a model than a universal law; hence, it cannot be applicable in every circumstance (2002). This statement is based on the premise that the theory of evolution by natural selection is not merely natural selection but inheritance as well; therefore, this multifaceted process differs based on the situation (Dupré, 2002). Dupré claims the model of evolution theory, is not optimum for it can only be transmitted to alike situations in which there are no novel aspects (2002). Furthermore, Dupré critiques an important component of the evolution theory which states that natural selection can explain all adaptive features; he questions what does one consider as a “feature” (2002). In simplified words, what variable can distinguish which features have resulted from natural selection in comparison to those features which have not (Dupré, 2002). Rather than holding natural selection accountable for what occurs consequent to the development of an organism, Dupré suggests that it is plausible that there may be other factors involved in the process of development which could also …show more content…
If you look at history, we see wars and bloodshed leading to lives being lost, whereas currently in most countries peace is promoted rather than war. When two countries are in dispute, they do not automatically turn to attack one another but instead negotiate through it, this shows that there is consistent change, and we are adapting and learning to make sure that we survive. Why is shopping being promoted rather than stealing your necessities? Shopping ensures people get what they need and are safe, whereas shoplifting is not considered safe. Although shoplifting still exists, it may be done by those who are helpless, and that is what is required for them to survive. Those who do well at adapting have more chances of surviving and reproducing, whereas those who do not adapt have less chances. For instance, smoking can cause lung cancer, yet people still smoke. Those who smoke will be more prone to lung cancer, die younger possibly and not reproduce. Dupré (2002) also mentions humans did not do most things like go to school to study, become a professor or write a paper, but that is because these tasks were not necessary to ensure a living. According to the circumstances today, we have to go to school to become successful, have a decent job, have a

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