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  • The Importance Of Urban Spaces In Charles Dickens Bleak House

    Charles Dickens’ Bleak House is considered to be “one of the most urban texts of the most urban novelists” (Griffith 248). Bleak House uses a variety of urban spaces to progress the plot and build relationships between characters who would otherwise have no reason to interact. The novel first establishes the reader in the panoramic view of London. In the early Victorian era, London was expanding and becoming more industrial. London was a mixture of slums and palaces, law courts and graveyards,…

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  • Crop Circle Research Paper

    Alien force or man made? Crop circles is a natural or unnatural phenomenon that has been appearing in farmers land for decades. Revealing themselves in daylight no one knows for sure where or who is the cause. There have been many speculations and claims regarding their existence. From sanctural causes, to aliens, to man kind, to magnetic fields, and even government authority. Evidence is subverted and conclusions are still not made about these mysterious circles. The earliest claimed crop…

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  • Bumble Bee Essay

    Arizona State Standards and District Standards: SC02S4 C2 PO 1. Describe the life cycles of various insects/ Butterfly/ Bumble Bee • SCO2S1 C1 PO 2. Predict the results of an investigation (e.g., in animal life cycles, phases of matter, the water cycle). • SCO2S1 C2 PO 1. Demonstrate safe behavior and appropriate procedures (e.g., use of instruments, materials, organism) in all science inquiry. • SCO2S1 C4 PO 1. Communicate the results and conclusions of an investigation (e.g., verbal, drawn, or…

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  • Ap Biology Lab Assignment

    Evan Johnson August 16, 2017 AP Environmental Science Period 5 Summer Assignment 1. A Panamanian town known as El Valle de Anton, used to have an abundance of a species called the golden frog. Then, when humans began migrating from region to region, the spread of a fungus called Chytrid began to take shape. As the fungus spread, the amphibian population began to dwindle. El Valle de Anton is important because it shows how a mass extinction can occur from the spread of a fungus, all because of…

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  • Russian Gentlemen Analysis

    The difference between Pechorin and Maxim Maximych is profound. When talking about a ‘Russian gentlemen’ it becomes easier to spot the differences. If we look at the definition of a Russian gentlemen ‘A man of calm demeanour, strong preserve, intellectual thinking, polite yet meaningful speak and a good upbringing. A fighter for the cause of right with words, not guns.’ Pechorin does apply some of these traits but he doesn't qualify as a ‘gentlemen’. For example, he had a very good upbringing,…

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  • Ghost In A Christmas Carol

    The most important character among three Christmas ghosts in A Christmas Carol Christmas Carol was an influent novel which was written by Charles Dickens throughout one and half century about a life of Ebenezer Scrooge as a negative, penny-pinching and distasteful man in London. No one had ever wished to work as an employee in his office after his best business partner Jacob Marley died except Bob Cratchit. Nothing in the world would scare Scrooge if it wasn’t about the gold…

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  • Literary Techniques In Robert Frost's Poem

    The poem tells a sad story about a boy who works at a saw mill. His sister calls him for supper, out of excitement, he jumps up and partially slices his hand off. The writer uses various literary techniques and structure to describe the way in which the boy died and the aftermath of the death. The poet mentions a saw which is portrayed to almost be alive. Firstly, the writer uses 1st person narrative voice to convey his views towards the boy’s death. His perspective shows that he knows what is…

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  • Henry David Thoreau And Mccandless Comparison

    Though they lived centuries apart from one another, Christopher McCandless and Henry David Thoreau both uncovered the importance of living simplistically by retreating to the woods. When Thoreau first arrived at the house that he was to be staying at by Walden Pond, the first thing he noted was that the house was quite dilapidated. The walls were stained by the weather and had quite a few holes in them, causing the nights to be cold. The house also had no plastering nor a chimney, and the entire…

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  • Compare Evolutionism And Creationism

    controversy among experts? Evolutionism versus creationism are one of the most controversial topics in our modern world and because of that, there are several hypotheses about the origin of species, from the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin to the theory of the creator in the holy bible; these hypotheses can be view skeptically since there are a few areas of knowledge and ways of knowing that we can look at. Then, what are evolutionism and creationism? First, evolutionism…

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  • The Descent Of Man Darwin Analysis

     In the 4th century BC, the Greek philosopher Plato somewhat flippantly defined “man” as an erect and featherless biped. Subsequently Diogenes the Cynic, in an equally flippant fashion, displayed a plucked chicken and declared, “Here is Plato's man.” Plato's student, Aristotle, also was concerned with verbal definitions and distinctions, but he went on to describe the natural world in a matter-of-fact fashion that has earned him recognition as the founder of the biological sciences. In his…

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