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  • Leonardo Da Vinci Meaning

    and connection with paintings started in small age of 15 years. As living with his father he had an excess to scholarly texts and paintings owned by his father’s family. Therefore seeing this, his father apprenticed him to the renowned workshop of Andrea Del Verrocchio in Florence filled with new energy…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci Achievements

    Da Vinci was doing many things that helped change the views of man. Leonardo was born out of wedlock between a respected notary and a peasant woman in 1452. During his child and teen years, Leonardo was under the care of a sculptor by the name of Andrea Del Verrocchio, who helped him kick off his art career. Like all people, Leonard had his fair share of thoughts and opinions, he voiced and showed them through his work. Leonardo’s studied can be categorized by academics and arts, by doing so he…

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  • Essay On The Hayward Fault

    The last earthquake was 1868, and as you can tell we are a little over due. The Hayward fault is a neighbor to the San Andreas fault. Although, the San Andreas fault is bigger, it is said that the Hayward fault is more dangerous, because of its past large earthquake, and it has millions of people living above it. They share the same tectonic setting, and strike-slip fault as well. The…

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  • Cause Of The San Francisco Earthquake

    San Francisco – The Bay Area was shaken to its core Monday morning when an earthquake struck around 7:12 a.m. with a preliminary magnitude of 6.4. One San Francisco resident was awakened that morning not by the quake, but by a chunk of cement flying through his kitchen. Michael Beamer said he was eating breakfast before the earthquake began, and when it did he ducked and covered under his kitchen table. “I was eating my breakfast and the room started rolling. I dove under the table just as I…

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  • Life And Accomplishments Of Leonardo Da Vinci

    Leonardo da Vinci created masterpieces of art and sculpture. Equally remarkable, his aggregate achievements in engineering, mathematics, anatomy, geology, physics, music, military technology, aeronautics, and a wide range of other fields, not only stood without peer in his own time, but were strikingly prescient for the distant future. He recorded his forward-looking ideas in thousands of notebook pages, known as codices. He produced one codex entirely on flight in 1505-1506, the Codex on the…

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  • Earthquake: The Santa Cruz Earthquake

    The Santa Cruz earthquake happened on October 17, 1989, in San Francisco Bay Area and magnitude was 6.9. 67 people were killed, and over 5 billion damages followed the earthquake. ( Staff, 2009) Community and people think this earthquake occurred in San Francisco area. However, there were other affected cities such as Los Gatos, Watsonville, and Santa Cruz, etc. In consequence of location, scientists, geologists called this earthquake differently such as Loma Prieta earthquake, San…

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  • 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

    Damage of 1906 San Francisco Earthquake The residents of San Francisco were familiar with earthquakes, at least those earthquakes who would rattle windows and china cabinets and those who would do little to no damage. The earthquake of 1906 was the most catastrophic in California history, as well as the most destructive in United States history. The earthquake happened on April 18, 1906, at 5:15 a.m. when the ground shook violently for an average of 40 seconds. It was stated that the…

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  • Andrea Del Verocchio Research Paper

    Andrea del Verrocchio during the prime of his life was a painter, sculptor, and goldsmith. He was named Andrea di Michele Cione born in the early 1430 's to father Michele Cione and mother Gemma. His change of last name is not known, and it can not be placed to any person that took him as an apprentice for his work as painter and sculptor.1 His father was a “fornaciao,” which was attributed to people that worked with kilns, bricks and tiles. Consequently, it is believed that his father may have…

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  • San Francisco 1906 Earthquake

    Earthquakes can bring unfortunate events, such as destroyed cities, many losses and limited resources. An example of this is “The San Francisco 1906 Earthquake and Fire left around 300,000 people homeless and the bay area in despair. A number of camps were set up around the city to deal with the destruction. Many people also left the city by the bay in search for more stable grounds.” stated from San Francisco 1906 Earthquake & Fire. (Paragraph 15). (…

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  • 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Research Paper

    The quake was capable of igniting raging fires, which broke out in the city and lasted for several days. The flames were quick to spread due to electrical lines and ruptured gas lines. It is estimated that up to 90% of the total damage was the result of the subsequent fires that burned uncontrollably (1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire). San Francisco was utterly destroyed. Around fifty different fires began fuming in San Francisco, and eventually coalesced into a grand firestorm that…

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