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  • Tony And Emma Under Contract Law Case Study

    made by more than two parties with a purpose of some enforceable legal rights and obligations. A contract is consist of an agreement, consideration and intention to create legal relations. An agreement is made up of offer and acceptance, It has been an valid offer and acceptance. An offer is one of the elements of an agreement. An offer is a promise made by the offeror. Invitation to treat is an invitation to others to make an offer. The advertisement is an invitation to treat rather than an…

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  • Secret Trust

    manner and the trustee accepts such an obligation . Like any other valid express trusts, a secret trust have to fulfil the requirement of three certainties, i.e. the intention of the testator, communication of the intention to the trustee and an acceptance by the trustee to bear such an obligation . Generally, there are two types of secret trust that may arise, i.e. fully secret trusts and half secret trusts. It is essential…

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  • Interview And Acceptance Essay

    7th semester. The main objective was to apply procured knowledge to the live scenario and also gain hands-on experience working in a real-time and practical environment. Details of this training are as follows: Background Interview & Acceptance Since the beginning of my engineering degree, I gravitated towards communication and networks engineering and after studied Digital Communication in 6th semester my area of interest was more developed towards this specialization. For the…

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  • Postal Rule Case Study

    Adam vs Lindsell once the acceptance letter is posted it will prevail and there will be no withdrawal from it. Postal rules only apply to acceptance; other contractual letter can be active once they are delivered Stevenson, Jacques & Co v McLean (1880) . In the case of Byrne v Van Tienhoven (1880) if a letter of acceptance were to be lost, acceptance has still taken place. An exception to this would be if the offeree knows or has reason to know that the letter of acceptance never reached the…

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  • Acceptance In In The Wrath And The Dawn

    You have done something bad at least once in your life, and so have I. It could’ve hurt others or yourself, but now think about what got you past the event? I will take a guess that it was forgiveness, acceptance, and understanding. Khalid, the Caliph of Khorasan, kills a new wife every dawn. One of these unfortunate women is Shiva, Shahrzad's best friend. Shahrzad vows to avenge her best friend's death and stop Khalid from stealing another girl's life away from her. As the story goes on Khalid…

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  • Naiker Harvard Business Law Case

    1. (a) Going through Naiker’s case, we will be concluding if there is an enforceable contract or there is not an enforceable contract. In Naiker’s case, Ahmad is the offeror and Naiker himself is the offeree. Basically, Naiker somehow developed an interest in playing the piano, and he wanted to purchase a second hand piano for learning purposes. Ahmad knew about it and he decided to post an offer by letter to Naiker to sell his piano on Monday 2 June stating, “Good quality piano for sale $2,500.…

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  • Facey V Facey Case Summary

    important in a contract is if an objective person would have understood the parties to have reached a contract, if she was a witness. Further, the parties must have agreed on all the essential elements of the contract and the offer must mirror their acceptance. If no agreement can be made, the parties are still in a state of negotiation. In this case, the parties argued about what the terms of the contract are. The defender thinks that the contract is about the removal of the deposit of a large…

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  • Johnny And Marie Case Summary

    legally enforceable agreement between two or more people. For a contract to establish, there must be a/an: • Agreement between the parties. - One person (offeror) makes an offer. - The other person (offeree) accepts offer. - Offeree communicates acceptance to the offeror. • Intention of forming legal relations between the parties. - an agreement is not intended to be legally enforceable if formed in a domestic or social context but presumed to be legally enforceable if created in a…

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  • Why Acceptance Is Important To Me

    Acceptance Throughout my life I have been through many things. All of these things require acceptance. Also i have been raised to be a very accepting person. In my photo essay I have chosen racism, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, migration, family composition, and social roles. Growing up i was taught that all skin was beautiful. I have been friends with many diverse cultures in my lifetime and have experienced the situations they have been through in which…

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  • Society And Fat Acceptance Analysis

    One view being overweight, yet accepting of it, and disregarding how society makes it out to be. In Mary Ray Worley’s article, “Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance,” she addresses how she accepts her fat body and is proud of the way she looks. She goes into detail about how accepting she is, and even discusses overweight people belly dancing at a convention she attended (Worley 164). This convention changed…

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