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Music that has a texture in which all parts perform the same basic melody, but in versions that differ in ornamentation or rhythm, is called


Which of the following statements is not true with regard to the music of sub-Saharan Africa

The music is mostly monophonic in texture

Most of the music of the sub-Saharan Africa features

All of the above

Drums in sub-Saharan Africa are often considered

All of the above

Vocalist in Africa often use the __ to accompany themselves


A performance style in which the phrases of a soloist are reportedly answered by those of a chorus is known as

Call and response

The mbira may be described as a(n)

Melodic idiophone with tongues of metal or bamboo attached to a sounding board

The name of a large Japanese zither is


The most prominent melodic instruments in gagkau are

Flutes and oboes

In kabuki

One might hear several kinds of music in different scenes

The name of a three-stringed lute is


Japanese musical notation can be characterized as follows

It consists of several systems, different instruments and genres of music having different notations

During the Nara period, gagaku was regarded as

A symbol of imperial authority

The sho is best described as

A kind of mouth organ

In bunraku you would expect to see



The samurai are particularly associated with

Noh theater

The Japanese bourgeoisie patronized

Kabuki and bunraku

In Japan, the generic term for an ensemble of flute and drums is


The musical style of gagaku is characterized by

Smoothness abd serenity

In Japan, Buddist chant is called


Dance is a very important element in


As a sign of good breeding, modern Japanese girls play the


Some pieces in Chinese music

Depict scenes or events

The pipa is most like the


A great deal is known about the music history of China because

Chinese musicians and music scholars have been writing treatises about music for centuries

Songs for the Masses are

Propaganda songs with a patriotic theme

A string and wind ensemble popular in the Shanghai area is

Jitangnan sizhu

The most prestigious Chinese instrument, associated with the literati, is the


In Jiangnan sizhu music

All the instruments play the same basic melody but add their own embellishments (heterophonic)

A Chinese bowed string instrument is


Qin pieces always

Close with a section in harmonics

In Peking opera, characters

Consist only of stock types

The qin should be played

Under a pine tree

The two main types of arias in Peking opera are

Xipi and erhuang

Jiangnan sizhu music is learned primarily

By sitting in tea houses

The Sheng is a kind of

Mouth organ

The yanqin is most like

A santour

Which of the following statements is not true with regard to sub-Saharan Africa

The most common type of instrument is the chordophone