Cultural Characteristics Of Africa

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Africa is the 3rd bigger continent in the World. This continent has an enormous variety of cultures blended inside of each nation. The African culture is defined as an Africans identity composed of habits, costumes, and traditions inherited from their ancestors. This inheritance is transmitted from generation to generation. The African culture is defined by several aspects including the Gastronomy, art, and language.
Firstly, the African culture is characterized the African culture is the Gastronomy or Cuisine. In Africa, the gastronomy is a varied combination of the local products such vegetables, meat products and milk, fruits, seafood and cereal grains. The cuisines vary from region to region. The Central, West, North, East and Southern
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A boiled starchy paste also made with cassava and wrapped in banana leaves is another variety of the cassava products very famous in the central African region; it is either called xikuanga, kikuanga or bobolo. Plantains are eaten fried, boiled or mashed in puree, accompanied by the …show more content…
For example, in Cameroon, people eat a stew cassava leaves and raw ground peanut called Ndole with fried plantains which are a staple food over there. In some areas (rural hunting areas), people tend consume game meat from different animals such as crocodile, monkey, snake, antelope, and rodent hunted in forests to vary from the conventional chicken or beef, typically grilled or cooked in sauces. In West Africa, the food is not very different from the central Africa, except that the cereal grain may vary I little. They also eat fufu, altering the ingredients to wheat, corn, and yams. For instance, in Nigeria, the Egusi soup is eaten with wheat or yam fufu depending on the region. They love to use hot spices like chili peppers, due to western world influence. In Southern Africa, food has many influences from Europe and Asia; in result, the food is not just delicious but also beautiful with different colors. Fruits are appreciated a lot by all of those three African regions consuming various fruits including bananas, grapes, citrus fruits and other types. In various places in Africa, the palm wine is considered excellent natural drink. It contains alcohol because of fermentation, and it is drunk by elderly people. The

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