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What dynasty expanded China?
The Tang Dynasty.
What did Sui Wendi do as emperor?
-Completes Grand Canal- connecting Huange
He and Yangtze
Why does the Sui Dynasty end?
People are overworked and revolt.
What do the Tang rulers do to create a powerful empire?
-expand the empire
-strengthen central gvt.
-expand roads and canals
-took $ from rich and give to poor, promoting foreign trade
What are scholar-officials trained in?
Confucianism and poetry
What social group participated in Chinese gvt?
moderately wealthy families
Why does the Tang Dynasty lose pwr?
-high taxes
-border attacks
-internal rebellion
What were the most important inventions of the Song Dynasty?
gunpowder and moveable type
What inventions were thought of during the Song Dynasty?
Porcelain, gunpowder, moveable type, mechanic clocks, paper $, magnetic compass
Why does production rise during the Song Dynasty?
Fast-ripening rice from Korea
What is the path for trade during the Song Dynasty?
Ocean trade, not Silk Road
Where does Buddhism spread to?
Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia
What does prosperity lead to during the Song Dynasty?
social changes, mobility, and job opportunities
What was the most important social advancement?
the civil service system
What is the gentry?
The urban middle class- merchants.
What was the status of women in China?
Subservient to men, their work decreases in importancy, and they bind their feet.
What was symbolized by the foot binding of women in China?
wealth and prestige
Where did the nomads live?
On the Asian Steppe of Eurasia.
Who lived in the Western Steppe?
The home to the invaders of the Hittites and Aryans.
Who lived on the Eastern Steppe?
The Huns, Turks, and Mongols.
What was the environment of the steppes?
no rain, dry and windy, supports short grass, extreme temperatures in the east and a milder climate in the west- more people in the west.
What are the steppe boundaries based on?
Politics, not geography
How did the nomads live?
Didn't wander, seasonal pattern. Herd animals and live on horseback. Sometimes clans come together to attack others.
What type of interactions occured between the steppe nomads and the settled societies?
peaceful trade, sometimes raiding.
Who unites the Mongols?
Genghis Khan
What are the characteristics of Genghis Khan?
brilliant organizer, strategist, adapt enemy's technology, terrorize conquered
What is the Mongol Empire divided into?
4 khanates
How did the Mongols rule?
Wipe out the population, destroy irrigation, no new resettlement, adopt cultures of the defeated, cultural differences --> division.
What was the Mongol Peace?
They imposed stability, law and order. The safe passage led to trade, ideas, and inventions. However, the bubonic plague was spread by the Mongols.
What does Kublai Khan found?
The Yuan Dynasty
What happens during the Yuan Dynasty?
-China is united for first time in 300 years
-More foreign contracts and trade
-Chinese gvt/trade tolerated