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Who was Princess Olga?
She governs Kiev while her son is too young and converts to Christianity.
What was the Nika Rebellion?
When the Blues and Greens were angry at the government, they proclaimed a new emperor, but Belisarius killed 30,000 and put down the rebellion
What were the Turk's military talents?
Loyal and skillful
What nations does the Abbasid empire lose?
Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Persia, and Egypt.
Who ends the caliph's power?
The Persians
Who were the Seljuks?
They converted to Sunni but still warred with other Muslims. They crushed the Byzantine and occupied Anatolia near Constantinople.
Who was Rum?
"Rome" the Seljuk sultanate.
Who founds the Seljuk Dynasty?
Toghril Beg chooses capital Isfahan, a Persian city, so the Persians are loyal supporters of the Seljuk Dynasty.
What is a vizier?
A prime minister.
What is a shah?
A seljuk ruler- "king"- Persian.
Why does Arabic disappear from Persia?
The Turks admire the Persians so much that they desert their own language (culture).
Who was Malik Shah?
Most famous Seljuk sultan- he was the last strong emperor.
How do the Crusades effect the Turks?
Drive them out of Anatolia, capture Jerusalem.
Who is Saladin?
A Kurdish captain, he units the Muslim and signs a truce.
Who destroys the Abbasids?
The Mongols, with their conquest and destruction under Genghis Khan. However, they were bad administrators and their empire crumbled quickly.
What rises out of the rubble of the Mongol Empire?
The Ottoman Empire
How did the Church act between the people and the Mongols?
As a mediator.
Who rebuilds Byzantium? What is it renamed? Why is the capital moved there?
Constantine, Constantinople It is close to invaders and to the wealthy eastern provinces.
Who was Theodora?
Justinian's wife, she was his advisor and politically powerful.
How is the Byzantine Empire reorganized during its decline?
Divided into themes, or military districts run by a general.
What type of defense did the Byzantine Empire have?
bribes, diplomacy, and marriages.
What was education like in the Byzantine Empire?
Subjects included Greek, Latin, philosophy, and rhetoric. The high value of education in their culture preserved Greek and Roman literary works.
What does czar mean?
The Russian word for ceasar- king
Who was Yaroslav the Wise? What was his big error?
Vladmir's son, he glorifies Kieve, uses marriages and trading alliances to strengthen the empire. He writes a legal code mostly about crimes against poverty. His big mistake is dividing the empire amongst his sons.
How did the Russian empire decline?
Yaroslav the Wise's error
The Mongols attack
What do the Mongols demand of the Russians?
1. Slavish obedience
2. Tribute
Who was Alexander Nevsky?
Novgorod's prince and military hero, he rebels, but the nobles crush the rebellion and collect taxes for the Mongols.
How do the Mongols unite the Russians?
They look upon Russia as a unified empire, and everyone has to pay taxes.
Why is Moscow stagetically located?
Near 3 rivers.
Who was Ivan I?
A tax collecter "Great Prince", most powerful prince, convinces Patriarch of Kiev to move to Moscow.
How did the Mongols enlarge their territory?
Land purchases, wars, trickery, marriages.
Who was Ivan III
He refuses to to pay tributes and the Mongols back down, freeing the Russians from Mongol rule.
Who were the Slavs?
People from the forests n. of the Black Sea. They began trading with Constantinople.
What was Russian culture a combination of?
Slavic, Greek, and Viking traditions.
What was the home of the Russians like?
W. of the Ural Mountains, from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea. The S. had hilly grasslands, while the N. was forested, flat, and swampy.
What 3 rivers run through Russia?
The Dnieper, the Don, and the Volga.
What do the Russians trade in Constantinople?
Timber, fur, wax, honey, slaves.
What is the word for nobles?
Who was Vladmir?
Princess Olga's son, he converts to Christianity after recieve detailed reports on Roman Catholisism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The description of the Hagia Sophia influences his decision. He makes all his subjects convert as well. He establishes Kiev's opwer and expands the empire.
Who founded the capital Novgorod?
What does St. Basil do?
Writes the rules for the life of monks.
What is a patricarch in the context of the Byzantine Empire?
The leading bishop of the east.
What are icons and iconoclasts?
Icons are religious images. They are banned, and iconoclasts, or icon-breakers, went to all the churches and destroyed all the icons.
What is excommunication?
An outcast from the church.
What was the schism?
The split between the Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox.
What are the differences between Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox?
-services in Latin
-pope has absolute power
-priests can't marry
-no divorce

-services are in Greek or local language
-patriarchs and bishops group lead
-authority by empire
-priests can marry
-some divorce
Who writes the Cyrillic alphabet?
St. Mehodius and St. Cyril write the Cyrillic alphabet in order to teach Christianity to the Slavs.
What is the famous church Justinian built? What is its signifigance?
The Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom). A splendid cathedral, it attracted tourism and trade. It convinced others to convert to Christianity, including Vladmir of Russia.
What is Mese?
The Middle Way, it was the main trading street.
Who did the Turks trade with?
Africa-ivory and gold
Russia-fur, honey, timber
India- spices
China- silk
What was the racecourse called? What happened in it?
The Hippodrome had chariot races and circuses.
What were the three setbacks after Justinian's death that led to the decline of his empire?
1. Bubonic plague from India killed 10,000 people a day at its peak. Occured every 10-12 years for over 150 years, leading to a small population.
2. Attacks from the Lombars, Avars, Slavs, Bulgars, Persians, Arabs, and Russians.
3. The Crusades- pillaged Constantinople.
Who does the Byzantine Empire fall to?
The Ottoman Turks.
Who divides the empire in two? Why does he do this?
It is difficult to communicate w/ such a large empire.
Who is Justinian?
A high-ranking nobleman that succeeds the throne to the E. Empire.
What are the two sets of traits for Justinian?
In official writings, Justinian is a hard worker, serious, and even-tempered.

After his death, the same man writes that he was decietful, devius, hypocritical, cruel, and a liar.
Who is Belisarius
He recovers N Africa from the Vandals and puts down the Nika Rebellion.
What lands does Justinian conquer?
Claims all of the empire, East and West.
What is the Justinian Code?
1. Code- laws
2. Digest- opinions of legal thinkers
3. Institutes- textbook
4. Novellae- new laws
What does Justinian rebuild?
Constantinople, creating 3 walls and a moat.