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Tang dynasty
First dynasty to unite China after the fall of the Han dynasty
Li Yuang and Tang Taizang
Founders of the Tang Dynasty; Latter first emperor; Both Father and Son
Tributary States
Countries that were forced to pay annual tribute to a larger more powerful country such as Tibet, Korea and Taiwan to China
The position of government where people are trained to run it.
Civil Service Exam
Test in China that determined whether someone was able to practice bureaucracy
China's Land Reform
Process by which the government of China took land away from the rich and redistributed it to the peasants, which caused the peasants to gain confidence in the government and prevented the landowners from challenging the government
Dynastic Cycle
Rise and fall of the Chinese dynasties according to the Mandate of Heaven: 1) New dynasty restores peace, appoints loyal officials, redistributes land to the peasants, builds canals, irrigation systems, and roads, and repairs defensive walls; 2) Aging dynasty neglects government duties, ignores corrupt officials, loses control of the provinces, imposes heavy taxes to pay for luxury items for the royal family, and allows defensive walls to decay; 3) The dynasty is destroyed and replaced by a new dynasty because of problems such as floods, famine, earthquakes, invasions, armed bandits in the provinces, and peasant revolts
Song Dynasty (962-1279)
Founded by Zhao Kuangnin after the fall of the Tang dynasty; controlled less territory than the Tang dynasty; faced constant invasions from the Mongols in the North; once the Mongols gained the upper hand, the Song retreated south of the Huang river
Accomplishments of the Song
The Song found a new, more durable species of rice, which increased the economy, which caused the population to explode; The Grand Canal was created, connecting the Huang and Chang rivers, easing travel
What was China's order of social classes?
1) Gentry (Landowners); 2) Peasants; 3) Merchants (at the bottom because of Confucian beliefs); Women's role in society was in the home and they practiced foot binding
Genghis Khan
Originally Temujin; united the warring clans of Mongolia; known for being ruthless, determined and courageous
Pax Mongolica
Period which brought relative peace in the Mongol empire; promoted trade and cultural diffusion; religious tolerance in the empire
Year Kublai Khan captured Southern Song dynasty