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what are the four phases of a mechanical breath?
trigger phase, inspiration or limit phase, cycle phase, expiratory phase
what are the four types of breathing in mechanical ventilation?
spontaneous, mandatory, assisted, supported
29. While observing a patient receiving ventilatory support, you notice that all delivered breaths are initiated or terminated by the machine. What mode of ventilatory support is in force?
Continuous mandatory ventilation
While observing a patient receiving ventilatory support, you notice that some delivered breaths are begun or ended by the machine, whereas others are begun and ended by the patient. Which mode of ventilatory support is in force?
Intermittent mandatory ventilation
A mode that allows spontaneously breathing patients to breathe at a positive-pressure level, but drops briefly to a reduced pressure level for CO2 elimination during each breathing cycle is also known as:
Airway pressure release ventilation
Mean airway pressure is highest with what waveform?
Descending ramp flow waveform
Which ventilator controls are used to alter the breath size in pressure control ventilation?
• The ventilator circuit is approximately ______ of plastic tubing. Generally, _____ in size
60 in long, 22mm in size
the compressibility factor:
PIP – PEEP x compressibility factor ml/cm H2O = the amount to be subtracted from the total tidal volume
 During display of the expiratory flow curve a spike at the beginning of exhalation may result from=
the circuit emptying the compressible volume.
pressure sensors in the esophagus are taken to represent:
pleural pressures.
Ventilator circuit pressure is often taken to represent:
airway pressure
plateau pressure should be kept below:
30 cm H2O