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how does perfusion or bloodflow in the lung change during PPV?
PPV compresses small vessels and shifts perfusion to poorly ventilated areas.
During PPV, what's the net effect of redistribution on the VQ ratio?
decreases matching of ventilation and perfusion, resulting in
-increased deadspace
- increased A-a gradient.
Prolonged hypoventilation can cause:
Hyperkalemia can result in what EKG changes:
-peaked T waves
-ST depression
-long PR interval
prolonged hyperventilation can cause:
Hypokalemia can result in what EKG changes:
-wide complexes,
-inverted P waves,
-PVCs-secondary to hypokalemia
what are the two methods for treating metabolic acidosis in mechanically ventilated patients?
-bicarbonate administration
- increase in minute ventilation
how long does it take for 95% of the alveoli in a normal lung to fill with air?
three time constants;
0.3 seconds
how many time constants does it take to fill 98% of the alveoli and 99% of the alveoli?
98%= 4 time constants
99%= 5 time constants
what are the two major factors that affect alveolar time constants?
compliance and resistance
how do you help prolong the inspiratory phase for your restricted patient?
increase inspiratory time, and decrease inspiratory flow