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volume targeted breaths require that the clinician set which variables:
-tidal volume
-inspiratory flow
-flow pattern
pressure targeted breaths require that the clinician set which variables:
-tidal volume
-inspiratory time
pressure control and ____ ____ refer to the same breath type:
pressure target
during pressure support ventilation, a breath can be terminated by which variables:
adjustment of the flow termination criteria during pressure support from 25% to 50% results in what changes in what variables:
-smaller tidal volumes
-shorter inspiratory time
adjusting rise time during pressure support has the following effect:
reduced work of breathing
adaptive support ventilation uses which of the following inputs to control the ventilation pattern:
-E-time constant
-ideal body weight
-patient respiratory effort
_____ results in the ventilator performing the same percentage of work for each breath regardless of the tidal volume:
proportional assist ventilation
known resistance of the endotracheal tube, flow, and proximal airway pressure are variables used by:
automatic tube compensation
dual control, breath to breath describes a technique that automatically adjusts _____ to keep _____ at a minimum value:
pressure, volume