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Justin Kovalsky


Ch.15 The New Deal



P.488 normal state

to return to a normal state of health


P.489 Improve

To make changes in social,political,or economic in order to improve


P.489 pay

A pay to refund a debt

Bank Holiday

P.490 Bank closing

President Roosevelt declared this day to close all banks. If the banks can stay open then they reopened and the ones who couldnt stay open stay closed.

New Deal

P.489 Relief

focused on three major general goals. Relief for the needy,economic recovery,and financial reform.

Glass Stegall Act

P.490 FDIC

established the federal deposit insurance corporation. The FDIC provided federal insurance for individual bank accounts.

Federal Securities Act

P.490 Stocks

Required corporations to provide complete info on all stock offerings

Agricultural Adjustment Act

P.491 raise crop prices

Raise crop prices by lowering production which the government achieved by paying farmers to leave certain amounts of every acre unseeded

Civilian Conservation Corps

P.491 young men work

Put young men to work building roads, planting trees, and help in soil erosion.

National Industrial Recovery act

P.491 provide money

Provided money to states to create jobs cheifly in schools

Deficit Spending

P.492 spend more money

Spend more money than the gov receives in revenue.

Works Progress Administration

P.498 programs

A series of programs to help youth and other workers.

National Youth Administration

P.499 education

Provided education, jobs, counseling, and recreation for young people.

National Recovery Administration

P.491 fair practices

Bringing industry labor and government together to create fair practices

Wagner Act

P.499 NIRA

restored the NIRA provision of collective bargaining.

Social Security Act

P.501 old age insurance

old age insurance, aid to families with dependent children and unemployment compensation system.

Mary Mcleod Bethune

P.505 educator

An educator who dedicated herself to promoting opportunities for young african americans.

Frances Perkins

P.504 female cabinet member

first female cabinet member

New Deal Coalition

P.507 alignment

An alignment of diverse groups supporting the democratic party

Federal deposit insurance corporation

P.517 banking

regulate banking and investment activities

Securities and exchange commission

P.517 investment

regulated investment activities

National Labor Relations Board

P.518 mediator

Mediator in labor disputes between union and employees


P.518 Price

A price intended to keep farmers income steady

Tennessee Valley Authority

P.519 water power

Harnessed water power to generate electricity.