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The Grange

Oliver H. Kelley

national association of farmers, founded for farmers to discuss their common problems

Greenback labor party

advocated that the federal government increase the number of greenbacks in circulation.

Populist party

People's Party

The Grange and Greenback Labor Party

Foundation for the Populist Party

Free Silver Movement

Call for the unlimited coinage of silver

Black Friday

September 24th, 1869

Jay Gould and Jim Fisk convinced the government to unknowingly aid their scheme by having the United States Treasury stop issuing gold temporarily.

Result: stock market crash

Rutherford B Hayes

Republican, 1877-1881

Remembered for his attempts to reform the civil service program

James A. Garfield

1881, assassinated. Defended the Bible. Born in a log cabin

Chester A. Arthur

Took pace after Garfield's assassination. Renovated the While house completely (nation's showpiece). modern US Navy. Passed Pendleton Act

Pendleton Act

the basis for the modern civil serving program.

Civil Service Commission

Pendleton Act established it, to administer examinations to applicants in the different states and to fill the positions on the basis of proven qualifications.

Grover Cleveland


First Democrat to win the presidency after Civil War. Married in the White House. Signed more than any president.

Sherman Silver Purchase Act

provided for the government to purchase and coin at least a limited amount of silver each month

Sherman Antitrust Act

broke up monopolies

Promote competition

Gold Standard Act

made gold the sole standard of monetary value.