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Alexander Graham Bell

Inventor of telephone

Year of the telephone


Thomas Edison

"The greatest inventor in history"

Thanks to him most Americans had electricity in 1940

4 of Thomas Edison's inventions

first modern scientific lab, phonograph, motion-picture projector, mimeograph machine

George M. Pullman

sleeping car

5 machines (advancement in agriculture)

chilled iron plow, plow sulky, grain drill, gang plow, disc harrow.

George Washington Carver

"the plant doctor"

taught the importance of improved farming methods, diversification in agriculture and conservation of natural resources. Uses of peanut, soybean and sweet potato

Secretary of Agriculture

Department that helped farmers


economic system in which individuals are free to follow their economic pursuits as they see fit.

Free Enterprise

It leaves the individuals free to make something of themselves if they have the enterprise


Money to be used to make more money


certificates of ownerships


one who purchases the stock




a business owned by one individual


one who purchases a product


a business owned by two or more partners


businesses which have virtually no competition and put the consumer at the mercy of big businesses


a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, willing to risk failure for a chance at success

Protestant work ethic

Americans looked upon the ability to work as a blessing and saw labor as a dignified way to fulfill their life responsibility.

Rise of prosperity

New England

textiles, shoes, and paper


iron and steel center

Chicago and Kansas City

meatpacking centers


center of the southern iron and steel industry.

Known as "Pittsburgh of the South"

Andrew Carniege

company was the leading producer of iron and steel in USA.

Best remembered for helping to finance the founding of public libraries

John D. Rockefeller

Founder Standard Oil company

The Granger Laws

Attempted to force railroads to charge equal freight rates to all shippers

The Interstate Commerce Act

forbade railroads to grant rebates, charge more for "short hauls" than for "long hauls"

Limit competition

Sherman Antitrust Act

Declared illegal any "combination in the form of trust or otherwise"

Benefits of Capitalism

-Only economic system capable of providing the greatest material benefits for the greatest number of people.

- 20th century the most financially productive age mankind has ever seen.

-excellent quality, low prices