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What did the Chinese revolutionaries attempt to do in the Boxer Rebellion?
Expel Foreginers
What did the US insist that Cuba include in its constitution?
Patt Amendement
What 3 countries were imperialist powers in the late 1800s
US , Cuba , Puerto Rico
What war ended with the Treaty of Paris?
Spain vs US
What was included in the De Lome letter?
McKinley was called weak, swayed by public
What was the purpose of the Foraker Act?
Set up civil governement
What was the Roosevelt Corollary built upon?
The US to use force to protect enconomic intrest
Why did Jose' Marti' organize a guerilla campagin to destroy American owned property in Cuba
To get Americans attention
Why did Teddy approach to foregin policy reflect the proverb, "Speak softly and carry a big stick"
Be friendly but have a back up
what ship sank that fueled the movement for war with Spain?
USS (United States Ship)
Why did Teddy win the Noble Peace Prize?
He ended war
What was the name for sensational and often irresponsible news headlines and stories
Yellow Journalism
Where was the Panama Canal built?
though Panama
Who was known as the hero of San Juan Hill?
Imperialsim ?
the policy in which stronger nations extended there encomic , political , or military control ober weaker territories.

Signifiance - US uses this to become a world power
Yellow Journalism ?
Lure and enrage reader (exaggeration news)

Signifance - Its used to influnce public opinion