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Increase in measured quantity


Complex changes including an increase in skills, abilities and capabilities

Birth and infancy 0-2 years

Reach approx half their adult height at 2.

Can walk and run

Early Childhood 3-8 years

Grow at a steady pace

Develop strength and coordination

Adolescence 9-18 years

Experience growth spurts.

Develop sexual characteristics during puberty.

Early adulthood 19-45 years

Peak of physical fitness

Later adulthood 65+ years

Ageing continues and loss of mobility

Older adults experience loss of height

Middle adulthood 46-65 years

Ageing process begins with some loss of strength and stamina.

Women start menopause

Gross motor skills

Large movements that involve using large muscles of the body

Eg running

Fine motor skills

Involve smaller movements that require more precise direction and use smaller muscles

Eg writing