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Hospital doctor (consultant)

A senior doctor who provides specialist care and support in their area of expertise


A doctor who doesn’t specialise in a specific branch of medicine but provides ongoing treatment and preventative care


Provides expert consultancy care to patients. They contribute to the management and development of care provision. Types: Adult, district, mental health, neonatal, children’s, GP, learning disability.


A healthcare professional who assists and supports a women and family through pregnancy. Pregnancy, Labour and post partum

Health care assistant

Work under the guidance and support of healthcare professional. Work in: GPS, hospitals, nursing homes and other community settings

Social worker

Provide help and support for people of all ages through hard times. They aim to safeguard the most vulnerable people from harm and help them live independently

Occupational therapist

Work with people who have difficulty in doing daily tasks. Will work with the individual by having activities that meet the service users need.

Youth workers

Work with young people (11-25). They aim to support them to reach their full potential and to become more responsible.

Care assistants

Give care and support to people who have difficulty with daily activities. Work in: homes, day centres, nursing homes, supported housing

Care managers

Responsible for the routine running of the residential care settings including employing and managing staff

Support workers

Work under provision of other healthcare professionals. They identify what is needed to help the individual.

What are the main H+SC policies and procedures?

Health and safety policy, equality& diversity, medication policy, safeguarding, DBS, death of residents procedure, complaints policy


The process of restoring a person to good health after surgery, an accident, illness or an addiction

Complementary therapies

A range of treatments made to treat the whole of a person rather than their symptoms