Unit 4: The Roles Of Nurses In Different Health Care System

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This concept is taken from Block 5, Module 4 which is entitled as “Types of healthcare setting”.
Nurses are healthcare personnel that have undergone a formal training in nursing and are licensed to care for the people and society.
According to Wikipedia, healthcare system is the organization of people, institutions, and resources that deliver health care services to meet the health needs of the target population.
4.1 Personal context
A healthcare system is composed of different health care personnel from various disciplines who organize their skills to help in patients care. These health personnel include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical laboratory technologists,
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In healthcare system, nurses’ roles are vital and are referred to as heart of healthcare. Nursing profession is an enticing profession but can be challenging because it requires total dedication and commitment to work. Nurses perform most of the health roles including health promotion and wellness, prevention of diseases, assisting in treating and caring for patients as well as rehabilitating patients to enable them restore their health. Apart from these roles, nurses are better communicators more than other health personnel because of their closeness with their patients. Nurses are better care givers because they provide a holistic care for their patients. Nurses advocate for their patients by protecting their rights and determining what patients want when they are sick. Other nursing roles in healthcare systems include maternal and child care, giving immunization etc. With nurses’ presence in healthcare system, their aims are …show more content…
I health educate the patients and families on ways to maintain a healthy lifestyles and how to prevent diseases. As a healthcare manager, I ensure that the care provided for patients are adequate enough to meet their health needs and I counsel the patients and their families as well as refer patients with chronic diseases for proper management.
4.4 Current research
The nurse is a person who has completed a program of basic, generalized nursing education and is authorized by the appropriate regulatory authority to practice nursing in his/her country. The nurse is prepared and authorized;
• To engage in the general scope of nursing practice, including the promotion of health, prevention of illness, and care of physically ill, mentally ill, and disabled people of all ages and in all healthcare and other community settings
• To carry out health care teaching
• To participate fully as a member of the healthcare

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