Thi Pursuing A Career As A Social Worker

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I am someone who is inspired to see the developed one world where the wellbeing of individuals and the society is respected, who wants to fill disparities among peoples; and who wants to contribute to the best of these by empowering people in need. I am a motivated, adaptable and responsible individual, who has the temperament, key skills, and knowledge that are essential for the social work sector. Possessing a friendly and approachable demeanor, which is invaluable for this field, I am also inquisitive and always trying to learn new things.
In high school, I involved in volunteer services and extra-curricular activities that were my interest and fundamental for the education process. Assisting the guidance and counseling officers to help disadvantaged students was my intensive voluntary involvement.
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As a Care and Support Worker, currently, I am providing help and support to people with limited mobility or other care needs. This covers a wide variety of patients from people with physical disabilities to children with learning disabilities to elder people. Further, from the joy I gain helping people, I found the role as a great means to learn more about the context and how social work practice is in the United Kingdom.
Dear sir/madam, my goal is to become a qualified social worker in the United Kingdom and to continue a challenging and rewarding role working mainly with vulnerable children. I believe taking further Course will be helpful to acquire contemporary knowledge and skills. And, reading the prospectus, I was impressed by how much the course is professionally relevant to current developments and practice through the close involvement of employers and practitioners in course delivery, and practice supervision. This is important to me to become registered social worker and acquire competencies employers are looking

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