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Epithelial Tissue
The tissue that makes up the linings of organs and forms glands
Connective Tissue
The tissue that connects one thing to another
What are the functions of connective tissue?
connect; support; cushion; insulate
Free surface
In epithelial tissue, the surface of the cell open to its surroundings
Basal surface
In epithelial tissue, the surface of the cell attached to a different tissue
Lacking blood vessels
Simple Epithelium
Epithelial tissue that is one cell deep
Stratified Epithelium
Epithelial tissue that is more than one cell deep
Stratified Transitional Epithelium
Epithelial tissue that is stratified. When relaxed it is basically cuboidal with many layers. When stretched, it is more squamous with few layers
Squamous Epithelium
Epithelial tissue that is 'squatty' or 'flattish'
Cuboidal Epithelium
Epithelial tissue that is cube-shaped
Columnar Epithelium
Epithelial tissue that is column-shaped
Basement Membrane
A sort of 'glue' secreted by the epithelial tissue that holds the basal surface of the cell to the other tissue
Give an example of where simple squamous epithelium would be found
blood vessels or air sacks in lung
Give an example of where simple cuboidal epithelium would be found
Give an example of where simple columnar epithelium would be found
stomach and intestines
Goblet cells
Cells whos main job is to produce mucus
Basal cells
The lower cells in stratified epithelial tissue
A covering of dead cells
Keratinized membrane
epithelial tissue with a covering of keratin
Moist Stratified Squamous Epithelium
Stratified squamous epithelial tissue in which the surface cells are still alive
Pseudostratified Epithelium
Epithelial tissue in which all cells touch the basement memebrane but not all touch the free surface
*Exocrine glands
glands that secrete substances outward through a duct
*Endocrine glands
ductless glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream
Secratory portion
the portion of an exocrine gland which contains the cells that do the secreting
*Merocrine Glands
Exocrine glands that secrete without losing cellular material
*Apocrine Glands
Exocrine glands that have cytoplasm in their secretions
*Holocrine Glands
Exocrine glands whose secretions are made up of disintegrated cells
List the nine types of Epithelial tissue
Simple: squamous, cuboidal, columnar; Stratified: squamous, cuboidal, columnar (?); Transitional; Pseudostratified; moist stratified squamous
List the three types of glands
Merocrine, Apocrine, Holocrine
*Extracellular Matrix
The chemical substances located between connective tissues cells
Ground substance
A chemical mixture contained in the extracellular matrix
A protein fiber
'Protein threads' that help hold connective tissue together
List the four types of connective tissue
Connective tissue proper, bone, cartilage, and blood
Spindle-shaped cells that form connective tissue proper
List the four basic types of connective tissue proper
Loose connective tissue, adipose tissue, dense irregular connective tissue, and dense regular connective tissue
What kind of tissue has gel-like ground substance?
Loose connective tissue
What four things in particular is connective tissue made of?
Fibroblasts, ground substances, elastic fibers, collagen fibers
Elastic fibers
Elastic fibers are made from protein and are rubber-band like. They allow connective tissue to be stretched
A fibroblast that is completely surrounded by the matrix
What is the function of loose connective tissue?
Light-duty binding. It is not very strong, but it is flexible
The uppermost layer of skin
The layer of skin under the epidermis
The layer under the dermis. It is not actually skin
What is the dermis made of?
Dense irregular connective tissue
What is the hypodermis made of?
Loose connective tissue
What is the difference between dense irregular connective tissue and loose connective tissue?
Dense irregular tissue has significantly more collagen than loose connective tissue has
What is the function of dense irregular connective tissue?
Strength in all directions
What is the difference between dense regular and irregular connective tissue?
In regular tissue the collagen fibers are all lined up in the same way, unlike in irregular tissue
Tensile strength
The ability to hold up to a specific kind of stress (like a rope). This trait is found in dense regular connective tissue
Structures that hold muscles to bones
Structures that attach bones to bones
Adipose tissue
Fatty tissue
What does adipose tissue have in particular?
Fat cells
What is the function of adipose tissue?
Energy storage and insulation
List the three types of cartilage
Hyaline cartilage, elastic cartilage, and fibrocartilage
Mature cartilage cells
Which is firmer: cartilage or connective tissue proper
A small, hollowed-out space in the cartilage matrix where the chondrocyte resides
How is the extracellular matrix of cartilage different than that of connective tissue proper?
Cartilage is avascular
The cartilage matrix always has what?
Osseous tissue
Bone tissue
The process by which ground substance in bone becomes hard
Vascular tissue
Blood tissue
What are the three types of membranes?
mucous membranes, synovial membranes, and serous membranes
*Stromal cells
Cells that provide structure or support for parenchymal cells
*Parenchymal cells
Cells that provide the actual function of the tissue
*Labile cells
Cells that undergo mitosis regularly and quickly
*Stable cells
Cells that do not regularly undergo mitosis by are able to if the need arises
*Permanent cells
Cells that cannot undergo mitosis