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repetitive act that a particular individual performs, such as wearing jeans to class every day.
repetitive act of a group, performed to the extent that it becomes characteristic of the group, such as many students typically wearing jeans to class.
Cultural Landscape
the fashioning of a natural landscape by a cultural group.
Culture Diffusion
the expansion and adoption of a cultural element from its place of origin to a wider area
the point of origin of a cultural trait
Distance Decay
the likelihood of diffusion decreases as distance from its hearth increases
Folk Culture
traditionally practiced by people in a small, homogenous place.
ex. Amish, small communities
Popular Culture
Found in large heterogeneous society
ex. big city
Popular Culture vs Folk Culture
Popular Culture has a more distribution than Folk Culture
Impacts of Popular Culture
Adversely affect the environment:
modify nature
uniform landscape
environmental degradation
Threats to Folk Culture
less traditional value
westernization and cultural imperialism
Environmental Impact of Popular Culture
Price of American Life
5% of population consumes 23% of world energy
the depletion of natural resources