Popular Culture And Folk Culture

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Popular Culture Final Assignment

A. Questions and Answers
1. What is meant by high culture, low culture, and folk culture? Explain and give some example!
According to Rob Kroes (1996) in the book entitled If You’ve Seen One, You’ve Seen the Mall, Europeans has the metaphors that the use to visualize America and one of those metaphors ‘represents it as a country of leveling, erosion, and shallowness’. Kroes also mentions how ‘Europeans tend to pride themselves on a firm sense of cultural hierarchy, the sense of high versus low, of the sublime versus the vulgar’. It means that Europeans really respect their culture and can distinguish what is high and what is low. Europeans thinks that Americans are the opposite of them, because they think that they ‘lack this sense and are unable to distinguish the high from the low, the genuine from the fake, art from kitsch’. When the Europeans can distinguish the sense of high versus low, what are the high culture and the low culture?
The high culture is a term used by people to describe a culture with the set of cultural product has a sense of culture, while the low culture is a culture with the set of cultural product lacks of culture and usually it is mass produced. The high culture can be found in art while the
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Cultural radiant, how Kroes calls it, implicates that American culture has influenced globally. Kroes also mentions that ‘this reading of America as country where cultural trends that in Europe will be forever stunted could fully come into their own is not without precedent’. The threat of Americanization in Europe is not a new thing anymore. We can see how America has its mass culture such as photography, popular music, and films as American

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