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Managing the triple constraint involves making trade-offs between scope, time, and cost goals for a project.
A program is "a group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available from managing individually."
Many of the theories and concepts of project management are difficult to understand.
Project managers in matrix organizations have staff from various functional areas working on their projects
External project stakeholders generally include the project sponsor, project team, support staff, and internal customers for the project.
Because of overlaps in their duties, hardware specialists usually understand the language of database analysts, and vice versa.
Monitoring and controlling processes overlap all of the other project management process groups.
A stakeholder management strategy is an approach to help increase the support of stakeholders throughout the project.
The products of the project are produced during project implementation, and it usually takes the least amount of resources to accomplish this process.
Even though many information technology projects are canceled before completion, it is still important to formally close any project and reflect on what can be learned to improve future projects.
Directing and managing project execution involves carrying out the project management plan by performing the activities included in it.
Many people consider project integration management the key to overall project success.
Many problems and directives must be resolved quickly.
The ROI is always positive.
All projects can benefit from using some type of project management information system to coordinate and communicate project information.
It is easy to create a good WBS.
The executing tasks of the WBS remain constant from project to project.
It is important that the people who determine what resources are necessary include people who have experience and expertise in similar projects and with the organization performing the project.
Fast tracking can end up lengthening the project schedule
One of PERT's main disadvantages is that it involves more work than CPM.
The project ___ usually provides the direction and funding for the project.
The limitations of scope, time, and cost goals are sometimes referred to as the ___.
triple constraint
In the example of the project of building a house, the ___ would normally be the general contractor responsible for building the house.
project manager
Project ___ management involves defining and managing all the work required to complete the project successfully
Project ___ management ensures that the project will satisfy the stated or implies needs for which it was undertaken.
Project ___ management involves generating, collecting, disseminating, and storing project information.
___ project management software integrates information from multiple projects to show the status of active, approved, and future projects across an entire organization.
In an interview with the two chief information officers (CIOs), both men agreed that the most important project management skills seem to depend on ___.
the uniqueness of the project and the people involved
Most people agree that the modern concept of project management began with the ___.
Manhattan Project
By the ___, the US military and its civilian suppliers developed software to assist in managing large projects.
___ was an early project management software product that helped managers analyze complex schedules for designing aircraft.
A PMO, or Project ___ Office, is an organizational group responsible for coordinating the project management function throughout an organization.
Just as passing the CPA exam is standard for accountants, passing the ___ exam is becoming a standard for project managers.
___ tools, sometimes referred to as enterprise project management software, provide robust capabilities to handle very large projects.
___ describes a holistic view of carrying out projects within the context of the organization.
Systems thinking
The term "systems approach" emerged in the ___.
The ___ focuses on producing harmony between the needs of the organization and the needs of the people.
human resources frame
In a ___, program managers report to the CEO.
project organizational structure
In a ___ matrix organization structure, the project manager controls the project budget and has a moderate to high authority.
___ is a set of shared assumptions, values, and behaviors that characterize the functioning of an organization.
Organization culture
The ___ characteristic of organizational culture describes the degree to which management's decisions take into account the effect of the outcomes on people within the organization.
people focus
In the ___ phase, the project team creates more detailed project plans, a more accurate cost estimate, and a more thorough WBS.
The ___ model uses an approach in which developers work with an evolving prototype.
RAD life cycle
Projects involve ___ project management process groups.
___ include defining and authorizing a project or project phase.
Initiating processes
Examples of ___ include axquiring and developing the project team, performing quality assurance, distributing information, managing stakeholder expectations, and conducting procurement.
executing process
A common ____ is reporting performance, where project stakeholders can identify any necessary changes that may be required to keep the project on track.
monitoring and controlling process
___ is a planning process falling under the Project Integration Management knowledge area.
Develop project management plan
The project communications management knowledge area maps to the ___ process group through the activity of information distribution.
The project procurement management knowledge area maps to the ___ process group through the activities conducting procurements.
___ is an iterative software development process that focuses on team productivity and delivers software best practices to all team members.
____ should serve as the foundation for deciding which projects to pursue.
Strategic planning
A ____ is an approach to help increase the support of stakeholders throughout the project.
stakeholder management strategy
The ____ is often held after the business case and project charter are completed, but it could be held sooner, as needed.
kick-off meeting
It is good practice to focus on the ___ of meetings.
____ the project involves taking the actions necessary to ensure that activities in the project plan are completed.
The ____ process involves gaining stakeholder and customer acceptance of the final products and services and bringing the project, or project phase, to an orderly end.
In the ___ stage, organizations tie information technology strategy to mission and vision of organization and identify key business areas.
Information Technology Strategy Planning
In the ____ stage of selecting information technology projects, organizations select information technology projects.
Resource Allocation
One method for selecting projects based on ____ is to determine whether they first meet three important criteria: need, funding, and will.
broad organizational needs
The first step in determining the NPV is to ____.
determine the estimated costs of benefits for the life of the project and products it produces
In the mathematical forumla for determining the NPV, the variable N is ____.
the last year of the cash flow
You can determine a project's ____ by finding what discount rate results in an NPV of zero for the project.
internal rate of return (IRR)
A(n) ____ is a methodology that converts an organization's value drivers, such as customer service, innovation, operational efficiency, and financial performance, to a series of defined metrics.
balanced scorecard
A(n) ____ is a document that formally recognizes the existence of a project and provides direction on the project's objectives and management.
project charter
The ____ section of the project plan should describe the major project functions and activities and identify those individuals who are responsible for them.
project responsibilities
The project schedule information section of the project management plan might include ____.
a detailed schedule
Most systems analysts begin their careers as ____.
On large projects, many project managers say that ___ percent of the job is communicating and managing changes.
____ should result in improvements in project performance.
Corrective actions
____ provide information on how project execution is going.
Performance reports
____ tools track the execution of business process flows and expose how the state of supporting IT systems and resources is impacting end-to-end business process performance in real time.
The term ____ describes a product produced as part of a project.
____ involves defining and documenting the features and functions of the products produced during the project as well as the processes used for creating them.
Collecting requirements
____ involves formalizing acceptance of the project deliverables and during this phase the key project stakeholders, such as the customer and sponsor for the project, inspect and then formally accept the deliverables during this process.
Verifying scope
Good ____ is very important to project success because it helps improve the accuracy of time, cost, and resource estimates, it defines a baseline for performance measurement and project control, and it aids in communicating clear work responsibilities.
scope definition
An up-to-date ____ is an important document for developing and confirming a common understanding of the project scope.
project scope statement
Of the following constraints, it is most difficult to describe, agree upon, and meet the ____ goal of many projects.
In the WBS, the main groupings for the work are listed in Level ___.
Many people confuse tasks on a WBS with ___.
The ____ tasks vary the most from project to project.
The ____ should list and describe all of the deliverables required for the project.
scope statement
The ____ approach is best suited to project managers who have vast technical insight and a big-picture perspective
Project managers often use the ___ approach for projects that represent entirely new systems or approaches to doing a job, or to help create buy-in and synergy with a project team.
After discovering WBS items and structure using the ____ technique, you could then translate the information into chart or tabular form.
mind mapping
The goal of ____ is to influence the factors that cause scope changes, assure changes are processed according the procedures developed as part of integrated change control, and manage changes when they occur.
scope control
___ is a process for identifying and modeling business events, who initiated them, and how the system should respond to them.
Use case modeling
____ involves identifying the specific activities that the project team members and stakeholders must perform to produce the project deliverables.
Defining activities
The main outputs of the ____ process are an activity list, activity attributes, and milestone list.
defining activities
____ involves analyzing activity sequences, activity resource estimates, and activity duration estimates to create the project schedule.
Developing the schedule
____ involves analyzing activity sequences, activity resource estimates, and activity duration estimates to create the project schedule.
Developing the schedule
The ____ provide(s) schedule-related information about each activity, such as predecessors, successors, logical relationships, leads and lags, resource requirements, constraints, imposed dates, and assumptions related to the activity.
activity attributes
The goal of ____ is to ensure that the project team has complete understanding of all the work they must do as part of the project scope so they can start scheduling the work.
defining activities
____ results in supporting detail to document important product information as well as assumptions and constraints related to specific activities.
Defining activities
____ dependencies are inherent in the nature of the work being performed on a project.
____ dependencies involve relationships between project and non-project activities.
On a network diagram, all arrowheads should face toward the ____.
In a ____ relationship, the "from" activity must finish before the "to" activity can start.
The activity list, activity attributes, activity resource requirements, resource calendars, project scope statement, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets all include information that affect _____.
duration estimates
____ provide(s) a standard format for displaying project schedule information by listing project activities and their corresponding start and finish dates in a calendar format.
Gantt charts
The critical path is the ___ path through a network diagram, and it represents the ___ time it takes to complete a project.
longest; shortest
____ is the amount of time an activity can be delayed without delaying the early start date of any immediately following activities.
Free slack
____ is the amount of time an activity can be delayed from its early start without delaying the planned project finish date.
Total slack
____ is a technique for making cost and schedule trade-offs to obtain the greatest amount of schedule compression for the least incremental cost.
____ is a method of scheduling that considers limited resources when creating a project schedule and includes buffers to protect the project completion date.
Critical chain scheduling
Critical chain scheduling protects tasks on the critical chain from being delayed by using ____, which consist of additional time added before tasks on the critical chain that are preceded by non-critical-path tasks.
feeding buffers
____ states that work expands to to fill the time allowed.
Parkinson's Law
____ use(s) probabilistic time estimates --- duration estimates based on using optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic estimates of activity -- instead of one specific or discrete duration estimate.
Project managers must use discipline to control ____.
project schedules
Project management software highlights the critical path in ____ on a network diagram.